10 digital trends of 2022 that worth using

10 digital trends of 2022 that worth using

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, so every year something new appears in the field. This means that brands, companies and businesses in general have to make adjustments to their promotion strategies.

  • TikTok and Reels

Remember how a year or two ago the majority treated TikTok: the audience is one youth, shooting some jokes that are not clear to the older generation. Today, the opinion of many has changed: brands, well-known companies with a good reputation, experts have begun to fill the platform. They follow a certain strategy, and do not randomly post videos about anything. There are a lot of useful and really worthwhile things for users here and videos without watermark can be loaded on https://qload.info.

In accordance with the statistics, nearly 66% of respondents would rather choose to watch short videos compared to 18% who prefer to get acquainted with the product by reading articles, blogs or webpages.

In 2022, TikTok has gained even more popularity and has become a real trend. Reels, an alternative from Instagram, is added to it. The essence is the same: you shoot a video and post it in your account, you can in the feed or as a separate content format.

  • Virtual reality

It’s getting harder and harder to surprise the user. Therefore, virtual reality has already become an innovative trend. Some brands have been using VR and AR technologies for several years, but this tendency seems to increase.

  • Artificial intelligence

The technology is gradually gaining momentum and becoming popular, and has plans to become an absolute digital trend. Today, for ordinary users, Apple’s Siri is a brilliant example of “smart” assistant with artificial intelligence. It processes a person’s voice, answers questions and can share recommendations. In marketing, targeted advertising is based on artificial intelligence: a user searches for something in search engines, and then receives advertising in social networks with exactly what he was looking for. Artificial intelligence helps the marketer understand what content the user likes. He suggests: a potential client is looking for this, so he may definitely like something similar.

  • Virtual showcase in social networks

Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping have the ability to add brand products that can be bought directly through the social network so the user sees all the characteristics of the product, its price, can choose the size, buy and not surf other sites. Thanks to this, the audience is growing, its loyalty and, of course, the company’s income.

  • Quality of content in search engine rankings

High quality content is an important factor in ranking search engines. If the content on the site is non-unique, one “water” and 0 semantic load, there may be a sharp decrease in the position of the site in the search results (this is the minimum, and the maximum is a complete exclusion from the search results). Plus, not only robots, but also users will stop liking such content, they will go to competitors. In 2022, search engines continue to bring sites with high-quality content to the top positions, so it will not be possible to load useless and non-informative articles on the pages and expect that you will be in the first place.

  • Contextual advertising with pay-per-click

Contextual advertising is very popular this year, and its demand will continue in 2022. According to Google Economic Impact, for every dollar spent in Google Ads, companies receive $2 profit. So you should not doubt its effectiveness, but on the contrary, now add this type of advertising as another channel of promotion to your marketing strategy.

What is the result?

Start building a marketing strategy right now. It can be a fabulous idea of adding at least 1-2 trends from the list for each quarter. With them, a business, a company, an organization will become more visible and memorable. In addition, digital trends are a great opportunity to stand out among competitors.

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