10 Gifts For The Porsche Enthusiast

10 Gifts For The Porsche Enthusiast

When it comes to sports cars, Porsche may be one of the most popular. But given its price tag, one may not always afford one. Only a few have the privilege to sit on one. That doesn’t stop millions from loving this iconic car brand. From accessories to toys, there are surely several collectibles that many collectors would love. Know someone who might like some Porsche memorabilia? Then there’s definitely a perfect gift for them.  That is why in this article, we have compiled some of the best gifts for the Porsche enthusiast to show them your love. Know them below!

1. TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph Special Edition

We’re starting the list strong with a Porsche special edition timepiece from TAG Heuer. The two iconic companies have collaborated to create the perfect companion for any driver. This sports watch has the Porsche inscription in red and a tachymeter meter. When you look closely, the dial has an asphalt effect, which is unique to this particular model. The Arabic numerals are similar to the dashboard of the iconic sports car. To complement the watch, this model comes in soft, luxurious calf leather. And finally, this piece is powered by Heuer Caliber 02 and has a power reserve of 80 hours. You can get this piece when you visit The Watch Company online!

2. LEGO Speed Champions 1974 911 Turbo

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, LEGO has created its own toy replica of the famous 1974 Porsche 911 Turbo. Can’t afford to buy the real thing just yet? Then build your own sports car with LEGO. Anyone who is young at heart will deeply appreciate this piece. Plus, it makes a good conversation piece when you put it on display! The box includes 180 LEGO pieces, which are perfect for those who love to DIY!

3. The Crest Keyring 

Do you know what’s the perfect companion for a Porsche car key? You named it right! A crest keyring! The leather key tag is actually the same material used inside the cars! It also has a gold-colored ring to match the crest. This accessory is available in red, beige, blue, and grey! Aside from keeping your keys together, this crest key ring makes it even more special. 

4. A Wine Bottle Stopper

A luxury car means a luxurious lifestyle. It is no surprise that many collectors enjoy a fine wine on any day. That is why this bottle stopper is one of the best gifts out there. The central locking mechanism of Porsche has been repurposed as a wine bottle stopper. The timeless vintage design is the best partner for your celebrations! And let’s be honest, this is also a great conversation piece when you invite your friends over for a drink. 

5. A Porsche clock

What time is it? Time to get your loved ones a special clock! If you are looking for a more practical gift, then you can never go wrong with this item. The design is similar to the lap timer clock that is found in the Porsche 911. It features analog and digital displays and 12-hour and 24-hour options with calendar displays. The dial has a genuine carbon insert. This is the perfect addition to your workspace or as an alarm clock in the bed. With a height of 11.5 cm, this makes this piece a handy device.

6. A Business Card Holder

Perfect for any businessman, a business card holder is a must-have. Sure, a wallet can do the job, but it is not advisable especially when you’re going on business trips and meetings. The Porsche business card holder is made of high-quality, natural-grained leather. Embossed with the Porsche logo, this item is compact and highly functional. Plus, it also has RFID protection and plenty of spaces to fit your cards.

7. A Porsche Mug 

Start your day right with a fresh cup of coffee using a special mug. A mug is another practical gift that your loved ones will truly appreciate. This 20 ML mug is made in Germany, and you will see that it features the sports car’s crest on the front. And to make it even more elegant, the rim is in gold. This mug makes a great collectible or even a special addition to your china cabinet. 

8. Color Valve Stem Caps

Want to upgrade your wheels but you’re on a budget? We have the solution for you! Comes in a set of four, these valves are simple and easy to install. It comes in goldcrest chrome caps, goldcrest black caps, black crest silver caps, and silver crest (carbon fiber) silver caps. These can complement any wheels that you have. 

9. Porsche Bluetooth Speakers

Change the way you listen to music with these speakers! The 911 Speaker has a trapezoidal cover in high-gloss black aluminum. This acts as a stand for the speakers shaped like twin tailpipes. The item can reach 95 decibels and can play up to 24 hours per single charge. Overall, these speakers are the perfect companion for anyone working in their garage. It is also a great addition to any car-themed rooms.

10. Porsche Design Fragrances 

You don’t only need to look the part, but you also have to smell like luxury! Available for both men and women, the fragrances are perfect to gift for holidays and birthdays. All fragrances are sophisticated and well-balanced, much like the sports car. These are available on the official Porsche website.

Make someone extra special with these collectibles!

Porsche is the definition of innovation and luxury. With over 70 years of sports car development, the brand is able to create a loyal fanbase around the world. And even though most fans don’t have an actual car from the brand, many love to collect anything related to it. From car accessories, toys, and other oddities, these are great collectibles that many fans will enjoy. So if you know someone who loves Porsche, you can never go wrong with any item from the list!

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