4+ Tools to Help Run Your Auto Repair Shop

4+ Tools to Help Run Your Auto Repair Shop

To run your auto repair shop smoothly, you need the right tools to keep up with customer orders and to meet customer expectations. A mix of digital tools for automatic tasks and scheduling processes, and physical tools for the actual vehicle repairs will be needed to supply your shop with the tools it needs to do well.

If you’ve been debating which digital and hand tools to purchase for your auto repair shop, we’ve narrowed down a list of 4+ tools to help you run your shop successfully.

1. Digital Processing Tools

There are many old-school approaches to running an auto shop. Given how long they have been around, many shop owners neglect to transition their attendance policy or ordering process to a digital format. This is a mistake because by relying on digital tools to handle orders and basic tasks, you can continue to keep up with the pace of workflow that is ideal for your business.

It can become impossible to keep track of things accurately when you have a vehicle valuation report to take care of for each customer. Plus, using a modernized way to track orders leaves you with less work to do altogether. Additionally, using digital tools to track employee check-ins can also eliminate how much work needs to be completed by hand.

2. A Website and Chat Icon

You might not think that a website is necessary for an auto shop, but it can take you far in finding customers and organizing your orders in a more time-efficient way.

Be sure to include a live chat feature on your website so that your front desk workers can speak with the customer about what they need directly.

Speaking with customers online also avoids long lines and the stress of getting through customer after customer in person.

You can also organize orders to be completed throughout the week by appointment so that you’re never bombarded by an astronomical number of customers stopping by for walk-in repairs.

3. Safety Gear and Equipment

After addressing digital business tools, your next priority is the safety of your employees. In this line of work, accidents are likely, so keeping your eyes safe is essential.

Be sure to have a supply of safety glasses ready for employees to use when working on repairs.

4. A Supply of Hand Tools

Hand tools are helpful for repairs, and they will be used nearly every day. Although a mechanic’s tool collection is never truly complete, there are a few essentials that every auto shop employee should have nearby.

At the very least, make sure your auto repair shop is supplied with the following:

  • Mallet hammers
  • Breaker bars
  • Impact drills
  • Oil filter wrenches
  • Pick and hook sets
  • Wheel chocks

You may want to encourage your employees to have their own tool sets equipped with the above materials as well.

Miscellaneous Supplies to Have Available

Additional materials you’ll want to have to keep things clean and orderly include rags, aprons, and antibacterial soap. A mop and bucket may also be necessary to wipe down the shop at the end of the day.

Hanging an oversized clock in the center of the shop is also a good idea, as employees are likely to store their phones and watches in their lockers to avoid damage while working on vehicles.

Get a Jumpstart

Running your auto repair shop well means investing in the tools that regularly help you achieve success. When you start running your auto shop, there are many considerations to make, from hand tools to digital devices. Consider the suggestions above to get a jumpstart on the process.

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