4 ways to do website (content) marketing for entrepreneurs

4 ways to do website (content) marketing for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur owning a website, you’d like to leverage your website to do content marketing with it. Or in other words to use your website for marketing communications with potential customers.

First of all, website (content) marketing is all about organic traffic and visitor conversion on-site. This is why such marketing is conducted to begin with.

Aleph Website  has developed many websites, and helped entrepreneurs across the world deliver content using top-notch content marketing strategies. They encourage entrepreneurs to build their website in such a way that allows them to grow and continuously fill their content pillars to attract more and more of their target audience, while improving website conversions.


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1. Blog Posts

Blog Posts can be simple and complex. Depending on how far you are going with content optimization and SEO tools. If you’ve just started out, then you might as well just write about topics your customers ask you.

However, if you’re looking for a serious content strategy for your blog posts, then Aleph Website recommends that you use SEM Rush, SEO Minion, WP Yoast SEO, and Rich Results Test with Schema Markup optimization.

This can be indeed intimidating. Which is why we are providing a step-by-step article on how to optimize your blog post: This is How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

2. Downloadables

Checklists, e-books, step by step guides, product instructions and such. These are all materials that you can render downloadables for.

Users love to have pdf files where they can access information offline or have it on their phone easily accessible anywhere.

3. Newsletters

One of the most popular is Mailchimp, but there are others.

Newsletters are useful to keep your audience engaged with your content. You can send out blog posts, downlodables, social media shares, discounts, etc.

4. Webinars

The whole world started using webinars and online meetings. It would be very wise to give your audience an option to join you for a webinar session regarding your products, services or just provide consultancy so as to keep them interested in your company.

This way you get an opportunity to expose your content but also to collect data about your customers.

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