5 Effective Ways To Promote Affiliate Products On YouTube

5 Effective Ways To Promote Affiliate Products On YouTube

YouTube is one of the largest platforms on the internet with more than 2 billion users.

There is a great potential for affiliate marketing on YouTube provided you use the right strategies and create quality content which excites your viewers.

Given below are some effective ways to promote affiliate products on YouTube.

  1. Product Reviews

Many brands and companies partner with YouTubers to promote their products. YouTubers then review these products by talking about their various features including the benefits of using a particular product. Interested viewers can click the affiliate link which is usually placed in the description box or go to the official product website.

There are many YouTubers who do reviews on products related to their niche and make a whole living out of it. For example, beauty gurus like James Charles, NikkieTutorials and Jeffree Star regularly upload videos reviewing various makeup brands.

Make sure you review the product properly along with mentioning both pros and cons. Say how the product can benefit the viewers and how it has helped you personally. Make it seem like an honest conversation rather than a forced advertisement.

You can also promote products which are not released yet through a process called launch jacking. Digital marketing courses like Ministry of Freedom cover this in their 9 week digital marketing course. You can check out this Ministry of Freedom Review to know more about the course.

  1. Tutorials And How To’s

Tutorials and how-to videos are very straightforward ways of promoting affiliate products and services. In order to make a successful YouTube tutorial, you will have to thoroughly know about the product and use it yourself. The video should be well presented and informative. Making use of animated slides and clear voice overs will make your videos professional and enjoyable.

Let us say you have to promote a hair straightener of a certain brand. You can make a hair straightening tutorial and give instructions step by step in order to achieve the best result.

On the other hand if  you are promoting a service like a website building service, you can show your viewers how they can build their own website through that service.

  1. Video Descriptions

Affiliate links are usually placed in the description box by most YouTubers. They link the affiliate website along with the link of the specific product they mention in the video.

The description box is also a great way to promote affiliate links of products which you don’t directly mention in the video.

For example many fashion influencers link their outfits in the description box in case people are interested in shopping for their looks. You should also mention discount codes your viewers can use along with these links.

  1. Comment Section

The comment section can be a great place to promote your affiliate links since it is a place of general discussion for your viewers.

You can mention the affiliate links in a comment along with a  personal note and a call to action and pin it so everyone can see it.

If any viewer asks about the product in a comment, you can clear the query and then link the product. You can also pin this comment so everyone will know where to find the product if they are interested in purchasing one.

In-Video Promotions

In-video promotions are a great way to promote affiliate products and services without making the whole video about them.

This can also  be done if the product you are promoting is not directly related to your niche. For example if you have to promote an energy drink, you can make a video dedicated to your morning routine and then talk about the drink in the middle of the video for a couple of minutes. After talking about it, you can move on to the rest of the video.


Make sure you invest time  and effort into your videos to create professional quality and well edited ones. Viewers always prefer videos which are well edited so if you are not familiar with editing, hiring an editor can do the trick.

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