5 Top Video Conferencing Options for Your Small Business

5 Top Video Conferencing Options for Your Small Business

Small businesses that have people working from multiple locations need to be able to connect with each other no matter where they are. Video conferencing tools can be a great way to do that. However, the choice of video conferencing tool can be more difficult than you might think. Here are five video conferencing options that your small business can use to communicate.

1. Google Meet

Free Trial: Limited functionality (Up to 100 participants, meetings up to 60 minutes)

The initial name of Google Meet was Google Hangouts, and it’s available as a desktop application and on mobile apps. Screensharing and presentation streaming are not features available in Google Meet, but the premium version of Google Meet is included in GSuite plans, which means if your organization uses GSuite, you already have access to Google Meet’s premium plan.

2. Zoom

Free Trial: Limited functionality (Up to 100 participants, meetings up to 40 minutes)

In 2020, Zoom has absolutely exploded in popularity, and it includes a variety of useful options, including screensharing, private chat between individuals in the meeting, and livestreaming capabilities. However, there are limited security features, which means you probably shouldn’t use this option for extremely sensitive group meetings.

3. Microsoft Teams

Free Trial: Limited Functionality (Up to 10GB of team data)

Microsoft Teams, which used to be Skype For Business, is based around businesses, which means it has a leg up on Zoom and Google Meet for many companies. It’s designed to integrate with other Microsoft products and if your organization has Microsoft Office 365, you probably already have access to premium Microsoft Teams functions.

4. Cisco Webex

Free Trial: Limited Functionality (Up to 100 participants, less data storage)

Webex has been around for years, so it’s had time to figure out its standing in the world of video conferencing. It allows you to record and play back video, integrate with Microsoft Office 365, and even allow users to join via phone call, meaning they don’t need an online account or even a computer.

5. Ooma Meetings

Free Trial: Not currently available

Ooma Meetings, which is part of Ooma Office Pro, is an attempt to solve many of the problems that people currently experience with video conferencing services. It allows two screenshares at the same time, passwords to create private meetings, and scheduling for meetings, including recurring meetings. Plus, you can run it from your browser without having to install any software.


Different organizations are going to need different video conferencing options; after all, that’s why there are so many options on the market. That means you need to look at what your company needs in a video conferencing software and choose an option that works for your needs. Whether it’s two screenshares at once, the ability to call in from a phone, or integration options with other products you already use, look at all the benefits of various software options before you make the choice for your company as a whole.

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