6 Best image to text converters in 2022

6 Best image to text converters in 2022

We live in a digital world. With 5 billion people using the internet, paper is losing its prestige with every passing day. All printed data is being converted into digital form.

Digital data is easy to store, configure, secure, and communicate. In this endeavor, the image to text conversion plays a crucial role.  The technology that guides this is OCR.

OCR stands for optical character recognition. It is an AI-based technology that is proficient in extracting text from an image. This image can be in JPG, PNG, or GIF SVG file formats. It can convert scanned, digital, or printed images with equal ease.

Technology has allowed us to cope with the digital revolution. You no longer need library-size storerooms to keep your company records or other important files. All this data can be converted into digital form and stored in a simple portable hard disk.

The OCR also allows it to compare and interpret various data sets. With scanned OCR, you can do computerized detection and customized form fillings.  Companies all over the world are using OCR to improve their process flow and overall work efficiency.

The OCR has proved of immense value in agriculture, health, education, retail, large-scale manufacturing, medicine, government institutions, and international organizations.  

The worldwide OCR market has compounded to USD 10.64 Billion in 2022. And it isn’t stopping any time soon, as it is showing an annual growth 0f more than 15% for the next 8 years. 

Based on that, we believe everyone should use image-to-text converters. their advantage. They can be used for personal record keeping as well. The technology is equally beneficial for personal, professional, and business documents. 

6 Best image to text converters in 2022

We have earlier given a brief intro of the image to text converters. This section will teach you about the best converters available.

For any OCR tool, there are two fundamental bases of selection: accuracy and efficiency. Accuracy is defined as the perfection in text extraction while efficiency relates to how quickly it does it. Based on that, we have made a list of the 6 Best image-to-text converters in 2022.

1. OCROnline.info

OCR online tool is our premium choice for image-to-text conversions. The tool has been powered by cutting-edge AI to convert any image into digital form. The developers have given special emphasis to meaningful output.

The supported image formats are PNG, GPG, SVG & GIF. For conversion, you should convert your image files into any of the above formats. The tool fares well against the handwritten and printed text.

It can perform three fundamental types of conversions:

  1. Handwritten text to online text
  2. Scanned file to online text conversion
  3. Image to online conversion

 The interface is very basic, without any extravagant design. The options have been kept very simple. This feature helps in attracting professionals and newbies alike.

The tool can translate the text into 14 different languages. These are the most spoken languages in the world. This enables it to serve customers from every part of the world.

To facilitate 24/7 service, it has also been available on Android. You can download the mobile version from the play store. The mobile app also has a 3+ rating on the play store.

All these features are free of cost. You don’t have to pay additional money or buy any premium subscriptions. The users can enjoy unlimited conversions without any charges.


  • High OCR Efficiency 
  • Ease of Usage
  • In-built translator


  • Not adept at converting skewed images

2. imagetotext.biz

Image to text is among very few tools that can act as their name suggests. The tool is an ideal choice for any conversion. The thing which differentiates it from other tools is its ability to convert low-quality images. It has shown above 98% efficiency over such conversions.

The tool has the simplest of interfaces. All you need is to upload your text either by browsing through your storage device or by simply dragging it. After that, just click the “Get Text” to retrieve the output.

The tool is efficient at rapid conversions. Due to this, it can be used for producing bulk outputs. The developers have worked on making it a multi-format tool. It can be accessed via laptop, mobiles, and computers.

The tool also supports multiple languages. It can convert all standard image formats into text with extreme ease. The tool, like its predecessor, is completely free to use.


  • High-quality image-to-text results
  • Quick conversion 
  • Suitable for low-quality images


  • Struggles against glaring images
  • Doesn’t have an Android Version

3. OCR Space

OCR Space gets 3rd ranking courtesy of its wide range of options. It has taken OCR to a whole new level by adding image adjustments and OCR engines. 

The tool can accept any uploaded file. You can also add a file by simply copying its URL, the tool can find the desired web file. The tool can support more than 30 different languages, which is a very high number for an OCR Tool. 

The tool offers you to rotate the images as per choice. It can perform table or receipt recognitions, most tools are only adept at extracting plain text. If the image has a low DPI (Dots per inch), the tool can auto enlarge the image to get better results.

The OCR can be performed in the following types:

  • OCR Engine 1: the default mode, supremely efficient at quick results. It supports most languages  
  • OCR Engine 2: Useful for converting images with different shapes and characters. It fares particularly well while dealing with the numbers.
  • OCR Engine 3: it is known as the experimental mode. It works upon newly added language.
  • OCR Engine 5: It is another experimental mode. It applies experimental features to the required file


  • Most advanced technology
  • Range of OCR engines 
  • Offers image adjustments


  • Not suitable for novices 
  • Key Details can be lost
  • No Android version is available

4. Simple OCR

Simple OCR is a window application. It specializes in converting irregular images to text.  The tool can extract text from nonuniform fonts, writing styles, images with dots, and other shapes.

It occupies very little space. There isn’t any need for frequent updates either. The tool is particularly suitable for type-written images. The machine-to-machine conversion is quite efficient at a brisk pace.

The interface is quite old-school. It is a typical, white-colored window screen. As a novice, you might find it is an unattractive color combination. But hey,  it serves your purpose alright.

The application is free to use. However, it only supports English and French  Language, which is a bit of a drawback.


  • Most accurate with type-written images
  • Output can be saved as a TXT file
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for hand-written text
  • Loss of efficiency with glaring images
  • Only bi-lingual support

5. Easy Screen OCR

This tool’s specialty lies in its name. It takes pride in performing quick conversions with utmost ease. The tool also ensures a quality user experience with a very easy-going layout.

The application can be downloaded for windows. It is merely a 7.62 MBs file. Once you are done with Installation, you can perform unlimited conversions.

You can select your desired language from the target language tab. It can translate into almost every major language in the world.

It has half-yearly, yearly, and lifetime plans. The rates for windows are 29,49 and 15 Dollars. The prices differ for Mac systems.


  • Can extract the text of web images
  • Ease of usage
  • Suitable for bulk conversions.


  • Not adept at converting skewed image
  • Not recommended for newbies

6. Nanonets

The tool is among the most widely used OCR tools for converting official documents. It can convert business letters, challan forms, invoices, banking transactions, and other documents.

These documents require high efficiency with no loss of any detail. A simple numerical mistake can result in major business loss.

It also offers automated ID identifications and scans. You can connect it with your database to automate your material supply and employee recognitions. 

The tool is available in various pricing schemes. However, the pro version costs USD 499/month for individual professionals. It is particularly recommended for businesses that wish to centralize their datasets. For enterprises, the services start from 10,000 USD/year.

It offers quick response time, multiple fields, auto-email import, tables or lines detection, and team features. Based on its impact, the tool has been used by the most known brands in the world. For knowing their names, you can always visit its website.

Final Thoughts:

The image to text conversion is the need of the hour. You can’t function in the modern world without the digitalization of your data. For that, you should consult image-to-text converters.

This blog post highlights the 6 best image-to-text converters available in 2022. To help you choose the right for your job, we have also shown their detailed specification, characteristics, pros, and cons. We hope that you would take the lead and start converting all of your printed documents into digital form.

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