Apps for college students

Apps for college students

Ten years ago the phone was a thing to make calls and send messages. Time passed, and now apps are by far one of today’s biggest perks to having a smartphone. And students are the most active users of them. Whether you want to keep in touch with friends while studying, buy assignment papers, or check how much an oil change costs, apps can simplify even the most mundane tasks. Here are our picks of five of today’s top apps for college students.


Quizlet is one of several great apps that allows us to study right from home, complete with grading and answers. No more making cards for learning something, it’s the digital era now!

Another nice option is to collaborate with other students, so now you can make study groups and learn together no matter where you are.


A lot of people think it’s a lifesaver. Grammarly is another one of many great apps that allows college students to easily and accurately type in proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice. It also includes synonyms, explanations of popular terms, and includes tools for finding the right spelling and grammar. This app is available for free and for people who want extra functions is a paid version. But even a free one can save your paper.


Many college students enjoy making groups and helping each other. StudyBlue is an excellent option if you feel able to contribute for all. Each student can expand the knowledge base with their own notes and test answers and others may find everything they need for any course.

Some users admitted they found notes even from the exact professor they study from! So it is definitely worth checking.

Time Timer

A great option if you need to focus at least. It’s a visual timer app that helps you create a lot of timers with different settings like alert options and keep track of time.

For study sessions, you can use the famous Pomodoro Technique, which needs a timer. Also, you can solve test examples and check if you can do it in time.

Anyway, keeping track of time can help to be more productive.


One of the most important things in health. And students challenge their health a lot. Bad sleeping habits, lack of activity, regular emotional rollercoasters. All of it impacts both physical and mental health.

If the lack of activity you can eliminate simply, emotions need professional help. One of the best apps that can help with it is BetterHelp.

It pairs therapists and patients. Moreover – you can choose a way of communication. So you don’t have to talk aloud if your roommate is at home, you can chat.

It’s not a free app, you need to pay regularly to have access to it. But the help you’ll get is more valuable anyway.

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