Save as You Go: 10 of the Best Snippet for Mac Coding Tools You Should Be Using

Save as You Go: 10 of the Best Snippet for Mac Coding Tools You Should Be Using

Did you know the first high-level programming language was called FORTRAN? It was invented in 1954 by a computer scientist who worked for IBM named John Backus.

Today, it is estimated, there are over 700 different programming languages in the world.

Learning and developing a programming language can be a daunting task for some.

If you would like to make your life easier and more efficient, check out this guide on the best snippet for Mac tools available today.

Best Snippet For Mac Tools

If you are new to the world of programming or would like to streamline your process for a smoother, more efficient way of coding, it may be worth checking out these code snippet managers.

A code snippet tool allows you to store source code in a safe place to be used later, speeding up your process.

  1. Quiver

Referred to as “The Programmers Notebook,” Quiver allows users to easily mix text and code, edit code with the built-in code editor, and find any note with their full-text search.

The code editor supports over 120 different programming languages, 20 themes, and automatic indent and outdent, making programming that much easier.

Without having to think about some of the more basic functions that come with writing code, your process will become much more streamlined and efficient.

  1. 3cols

3Cols is another great option when it comes to snippet managers. It allows you to manage and share your snippets in the cloud easily.

The code snippet manager allows you to categorize your snippets for easy viewing and sharing. The platform runs on the latest technology to ensure quick load times. One of the best features is this tool is always free and is accessible from any device connected to the internet via the cloud.

  1. Snipit

If you would like a code snippet tool that integrates with your IDE, look no further. With Snipit, your snippets are stored in a library and are available right in your editor.

They allow you to save code snippets in the cloud, and you can also organize like code snippets into lists and collections for easy viewing. With tags and stars, you will always be able to find the snippet you are looking for.

There is also a pro option, which is a paid-for version, offering features such as private list creation, sharing with colleagues and friends, and smart search.

  1. Github Gists

Anyone familiar with coding most likely has heard of GitHub, the world’s largest community of developers.

Coming from a bigger company like GitHub, you can expect to have reliability and stability as far as the site goes. From a developers standpoint, you can easily create and view snippets as you please.

You can create a public or a secret gist. Public gists will show up under the discover sections, showing you the most recent gists that have been published.

The interface is simple and easy to use and shouldn’t be a cause of concern.

  1. Your Own IDE

Not as cool and official as some of the others on the list, Most IDE’s have their own built-in code snippet tool.

Without having to install or set up another app, using your own IDE as a snippet tool can be beneficial. It may not be as powerful as some on the list, but it is usually a great place to start if you are new to snippets.

It may come with some drawbacks, including not being able to store the snippets in the cloud, and it may lack some features that a snippet tool manager would provide.

  1. Snippets Lab

Snippets Lab is a professional, fully-featured snippets manager. You can easily organize your snippets into multi-leveled folders, shortcuts, tags, and smart groups. You can then search through your snippets by title, content, language, creation date, modification date, and more.

Currently, Snippets Lab provides support for over 420 languages but is always looking to expand for more supported languages.

With impressive markdown capabilities, you have access to MathJax and LaTeX rendering, professional editing with keyboard shortcuts, and fully customizable CSS themes.

  1. Lepton

Lepton is a free and open-source code snippet manager. The service does have GitHub gist integration to allow for easy cross-platform syncing.

Lepton gives you an unlimited public or private snippets, unlimited tags, markdown support, search features, and is customizable.

  1. Boostnote

Boost note is also a fully open-sourced markdown note app for developers, claimed to “boost happiness, productivity, and creativity.”

Boost note allows you to write offline, foregoing the need to be connected and allowing you to work on your own time. You can also view Google Docs offline on a Mac. To learn how, visit

Boost note also offers multi-device support and can support over 100 different programming languages to highlight code syntax.

  1. Dash

Dash is a code snippet manager and API documentation browser. It allows you to manage, search, and edit your code without having to switch between programs.

You can easily search offline and view documentation sets for over 200 APIs and more than 100 cheat sheets.

Dash allows for storing of snippets to be easily used later. You can also organize your snippets with tags and variable placeholders.

Some of the other features include

  • Retina Support
  • Multi-touch gestures
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • And tab restoration

Dash is a great snippet tool for any Mac user looking to streamline their programming processes.

  1. Codebox

Last but not least, Codebox is a user-friendly, easy to use code snippet tool built for Mac OS X.

Codebox helps you easily manage and organize your snippets by the project. You can organize your snippets by using folders, groups, and smart groups in an iTunes-like style.

Codebox also offers cloud syncing and highlights code snippets in over 100 different languages.

Get More Programming Support

Now that you know some of the very best snippet for Mac tools, its time to put your skills to the test.

These snippet manager apps will help you streamline your coding process to make your life easier and efficient.

If you are looking for some more helpful programming tools and tips, check out our blog!

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