Difference between PMP and prince2

Difference between PMP and prince2

Project management has been one of the most profitableand in-demand career options for the last many years. As per research conducted by PMI, employers will require 87.6 million project management-oriented roles by 2026.

So, suppose you are entering in the project management field or already in it. In that case, you are always seeking which skills you want to improve your productivity & to learn these skills you have to complete some experience plus some accreditation such as Prince2 or PMP, Which are mostly recommended by people & by companies which can show your superiority or skill in the project management field.

Let’s Explore PMP and Prince2 One by One,

PMP (Project Management Professional)

The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the PMP (Project Management Professional) valuable certification.

PMI credentials certify your knowledge & expertise in project management to be positive at work & more aggressive in the job market. By availing PMP certificate, you get complete knowledge regarding how to tackle and manage a project professionally & efficiently, delivering optimum results in the end.

PMP Certification Course Includes Below Mentioned Modules:

  • Manage plan time resources for projects
  • Manage projects in terms of delivery
  • Clear understanding of – specification, work breakdown
  • Project Integration Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Project Resource Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Understand processes and terminology
  • The most up-to-date global practices for PM

PMP Exam eligibility, as set by PMI,

A secondary degree or high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent, & 7,500 hours leading.

Cost of PMP Certification:

The exam cost for the PMP certification is $555 (for Non-PMI Members) and $405 (For PMI Members). The PMI membership costs $129+10. The exam cost may appear to be expensive, and it’s worth it.


Prince2 Certification

PRINCE2 stands for Projects in Controlled Environment. PRINCE2 certification focuses on a structured project management approach & practitioner certification program. PRINCE2 is majorly mandated across industries like IT, engineering, business, construction, & financial services. PRINCE2® it is prominent in UK, India, and the European Union & Australia.

The Prince2 Certification has been easily classified into three categories depending on their levels of toughness.

It includes-

Prince2 Professional – Considered as the hardest of all

Prince2 Practitioner – Which is supposed to be the most important of all.

Prince2 Foundation – Which is a very simple course?


PRINCE2 certification eligibility:

There are no specific eligibility criteria different from PMP for PRINCE2. The only recommendation is to possess project management experience and specific training.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam expects you to pass the Foundation exam or hold another project management certificate such as PMP.

Cost of PRINCE2 Certification:

The Average PRINCE2 Certification cost is around $600, and it may vary as per the levels and classroom training.






Specific Differences between PMP and prince2

Prince 2                          PMP
·         Prince 2 has 3 levels Foundation, practitioner and Professional.·         PMP has only one level.
·         Prince2 is originated in UK.·         PMP is originated in US.
·         Prince2 driven by Business cases.·         PMP is driven by customer requirements.
·         Prince2 is methodology with detailed process model and templates.·         PMP is based on PMBOK, which is standard not a methodology.



As per my point of view, PMP & PRINCE2 are competing. Both PMP & PRINCE2 are based on various approaches as well as methodologies.

PRINCE 2 is Process-based: defines What, How, When, and who can do series of management methods. It dictates the proper process to follow, whereas PMP is Knowledge-based – Tools & Procedures and best practices applied when managing projects.

PRINCE2 represents everyone’s tasks in a project, whereas PMP concentrates on the project manager’s performance.

There are few differences to consider in terms of studying and getting fully prepared for the exam. In the PMP certificate, the studying time may differ widely according to the individual concerned.

While some people study for the exam in just a couple of weeks, others can catch the best elements of a year to get ready for their exam.

With the PMP exam, 200 multiple choice questions need to be answered in 4 hours or less. When it comes to exam time, there are also some significant modifications to take into account.

As for the PRINCE2 Practitioner equivalent, this is a 150-minute object testing exam with a 55% pass rate. The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is a 60-minute multiple-choice question & Answer exam with a 50% pass rate.  While books can’t be consulted in the Foundation exam, there is scope for this in the Practitioner version.

Best luck! with the most important  4 Secret Ingredients to Pass the PMP® Examination

Understanding of Project Management Principles, Having a solid plan to study for the exam & sticking to it, Project Management Experience, PMP Exam-Taking Strategy.

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