Essential Features for a Successful Virtual Attendant

Essential Features for a Successful Virtual Attendant

You have to create virtual assistant services that are responsive, reliable, and tailored for your clients. But how do you get your staff going in the right direction? Looking into VoIP solutions, can give you the access you need to stay ahead of the curve while maintaining an easy-to-use interface.

Why virtual attendants are important

Virtual assistants are a reliable and efficient way for call centers to increase their performance. They can decrease overall customer service costs and affect the productivity of employees. Call center managers need to take advantage of this rapidly-growing technology when it comes to attracting and retaining clients and maintaining positive experiences with customers. Virtual assistants are an increasingly valuable resource for companies. Not only is intelligent software fantastic at answering customer queries, it significantly cuts down on staffing costs and increases the customer experience. However, with virtual assistants coming on the market, the more complex their AI becomes, the higher up their qualification bar will be before an association will agree to support them. They must also still be able to appropriately deal with all customer’s needs in a given situation as if they were a human attendant.

Benefits of Unite Virtual Attendant

If you are somewhat of a household name, then you know how difficult it is to get your employees in one place so that they can work together efficiently. With Unite, your users don’t have to be all in the same office anymore; instead, through the use of Unite VOIP attendants and a virtual secretary, your company is able to handle communications while maintaining convenience.

Some of the benefits of Unite Virtual Attendant include the ability to replace part-time jobs, reduce operational costs and be location independent. Companies such as Southwest Airlines have used virtual assistants to allow their customers nationwide to use their marketing while they are in meetings or on-call. They can also be used during a car service, providing express services to more customers.

When to use a virtual attendant

A virtual attendant is an automated customer service phone operator. They can interact and handle pesky calls for you, so you don’t have to worry about the pressure of trying to handle the stickiest customer issues on your own. They can also help in unexpected live moments such as during a natural disaster or power outage.

Essential Features for a Successful Virtual Attendant

The most essential features for a virtual assistant job are that the employer has a membership with an in-person call center and the company has a suite of digital services on offer. For this career, focus on improvements in your voice-over talents, customer service mastery–and flexibility to work remote or onsite whenever you are needed.

What does your staff need to know about the various functions of the program?

One of the most important parts of our virtual attendants is that they need to be near the phone at all times. In order to make this process easier, your virtual attendant has its own scheduler, which eliminates the risk of one person blocking out another on a busy day. It also lets you see what time they are reaching their call, providing minimum supervision and maximum productivity in one seamless procedure.

How much does it cost?

When it comes to setting up a virtual attendant, there are countless variables that go into determining the total cost. It is important to look closely at what your requirements are and how the system can best serve them. To begin this process, take notes on how often visitors will contact your company and how long they typically stay on the phone. For example, if your receptionist averages six hours of work per day and a visitor typically spends 25 minutes on their call, you could start off with a $5 per minute plan with four lines of service or $10 for all twenty-five-plus four lines.


They’ve been around for a while, but virtual assistants continue to grow. It is essential that you put some time and thought into selecting who you should use as your virtual assistant.

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