Essential Skill Building Fingerplays for Young Children

Essential Skill Building Fingerplays for Young Children

Every preschooler should have some fun fingerplay activities and manipulatives to keep their little hands busy. Kindergarten teachers must have these tools to help their young students learn to coordinate their fingers, hand movements, and dance. The interactive songs and dances in these activities help your children develop some of the important skills they will need.

Research has shown how children build some of their basic skills by clapping, singing, and dancing to different rhymes

It doesn’t matter if your child learns in a traditional school environment or they are homeschooled; fingerplay activities are the perfect thing for your children to do in their leisure time.

It is fairly obvious that fingerplay is an integral part of your preschooler’s learning. Scout online for fun and popular nursery rhymes which will help your child improve their physical and mental skills. Luckily, there are a ton of readily available online parenting portal and learning resources to help you and your child.

  • Fine motor skills – Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider is one popular nursery rhyme your child is probably familiar with. To begin, create movements with your child to imitate the spider walking up the spout, and make sure they memorize what movements go with the different parts of the rhyme. For example, when the song talks about the rain washing the spider out, teach your child to make a sweeping motion with their hands.

It might seem like just another fun activity to your child, but they are improving their fine motor skills every time they perform Itsy Bitsy Spiders.

  • Large motor skills – If you’re happy and you know it

If You’re Happy and You Know It is a big hit and a classic among children for good reason. The song is not just fun for kids to sing and perform to; it also requires their entire body to get into action with all the large movements they will make.

One of the best things about the song is that you can adlib as you go along, and include the movements you want your children to practice. For example, if you would like to see your young learners clap or jump, insert these movements into the song.

  • Listening skills – Old MacDonald

Old MacDonald Has a Farm is a great song for your little learners to learn more about animals, learn their names and also the sounds they make. Your child must listen carefully to the rhyme to know what animal sounds to make, and what letters to spell out.

  • Sense of community – Bingo Song

You can strengthen your family ties with light and fun nursery rhymes such as the Bingo song. While your children learn more about the people around them, they also gain more confidence in their playfulness, and learn to let loose and act silly.

  • Academic skills – Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Fingerplay songs are not all about teaching your children rhymes and how to dance. Some of them help your kids practice their math skills – especially counting, addition, and subtraction. One perfect example of a children’s rhyme which helps your kids perfect counting is the popular Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

If you are skeptical about your kids jumping down from the bed as the song counts down the monkeys, you can simply teach them to recreate the movements without actually jumping off a bed. Other songs your preschoolers can sharpen their math skills with include 1,2, Buckle My Shoes, and 10 Little Duckies.

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