Generate This: What Size Generator Is Needed to Power a House?

Generate This: What Size Generator Is Needed to Power a House?

Those ready to buy a generator want to know what size generator they need to power their house.

What is the answer?

It depends on several factors. These include the size of the house, how often the generator is used, and how long you want to go between scheduled maintenance.

This post will give you an idea of what you need to know to answer that question.

What Size Generator Do I Need?

You’ll need to figure out what equipment or appliances you want to run during a power outage. If you want everything running, you’ll need a very large generator.

There is a smaller solution if you only need the following to work:

  • Computer
  • Light
  • Refrigerator

What Equipment Do You Need to Run?

You’ll have to calculate how large of a generator you’ll need. You’ll base this on the equipment you’ll want to keep working. Here is a formula that will help you calculate the wattage needed.

(120 volts) X (equipment amps needed) = (generator watts required)

Let’s say you want to keep your refrigerator (1-5 amps) going along with three lamps (0.075 – 0.9 amps each), a laptop (<0.5 amps), WiFi (<0.5 amps), mobile phone charger (<0.5 amps), TV (1 amp), microwave (4.5 amps) and sump pump (7.1 amps).

You’d total these amps and put them into the formula.

(120 volts) X (21.8 amps) = (2,616 watts)

In the above formula, you can use a 3,600-watt generator running at 86% of capacity to handle your planned load.

This formula calculates solutions per one hour of power use. To determine a greater length of time, you have to consider the generator’s power source.

How Long Should the Generator Last?

You need to decide if you want the generator to cover an outage of 3-5 hours, 1-2 days, or 1-2 weeks. This will determine what power source the generator will use.

What Size Generator for 30AMPs?

Looking at generator sizes is not as easy as saying 120v X 30 amps = a 3,600 wattage generator. Why? Because that is what the equipment can handle under perfect conditions for one hour.

You must also consider how long you want it to run and at what efficiency. For instance, you should consider the generator operating at a capacity of 75%.

This means you’ll want a larger generator, so you don’t have any accidental overloads.

What Generator Do I Need?

The best place to start is with a product that will inform you on what it can actually do. Information on the Patriot Power Generator clarifies what you’ll need for survival and comfort. You’ll be able to calculate the following:

  • Size generator
  • Needed amperage
  • Need for backup solar panel

A portable solar panel is helpful in sunny areas to keep your generator operational.

Start Your Calculations

You now have some insights into what size generator you’ll need. Determine what equipment you need to keep running. Figure out how many days you want to keep things working.

Calculate the size of the generator based on your previous choices. And, start shopping around.

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