What Is Google Chrome Helper? Explanation

What Is Google Chrome Helper? Explanation

Google Chrome Helper | What Is Google Chrome Helper?

Are you seeing google chrome helper (not responding) on your mac activity monitor? Is it consuming google chrome helper mac memory? And if google chrome using too much CPU, literally hogging mac system then you definitely need to stop google chrome helper. In this post it will be explained how to disable multiple chrome processes including disable google chrome helper. If you use google chrome for mac and you observe chrome high CPU usage. It’s most likely the google chrome helper that act like a parasite and feeds on mac memory. You cannot find this phantom unless you open Macbook activity monitor.

When you open google chrome helper activity monitor you will notice that google chrome process feast on your CPU cycle. This helper issue also provoke noisy laptop fan screams and system memory. So you should now know why does google chrome use so much memory?


What Is Google Chrome Helper?

Just like the webhelper process chrome helper is also a process that opens when you run chrome browser. But it’s not really a problem. The chrome helper goes astray only when multiple google chrome processes running at once. Or when you have download chrome extension not protected from malware/ spyware.

Another reason for google chrome helper rampage is when google chrome’s plug-in settings are configured to run everything by default. No doubt there are plenty of google chrome plug-ins and you can easily download chrome plugins from online. But only those plugins that work with flash content tend to make trouble for google chrome process. When you visit sites to hear the song or watch the movie you need to download Adobe Flash Player.

This Adobe Flash plugin lets you hear and see Flash audio and video content on Chrome on your computer. But there are some sites which cause harm while running flash content. That’s where chrome helper not responding appears. So what is Chrome Helper? You can say that it’s the generic name given to embedded content that runs outside the internet browser. Chrome plug-ins aren’t features that are rendered by HTML code. They involve content that needs to be pulled in from elsewhere.

Google Chrome Helper Mac Memory

Similar to the Web-Helper process, the Chrome Helper is a process that gets triggered off the moment you start the browser.

1. The real problem comes to the fore when the Chrome Helper goes amuck and/ or multiple processes related to Chrome start running at the same time.

2. The same problems emerge if the downloaded Chrome extension is not shielded from malware/ spyware.

3. Yet another reason for Chrome helper running on a rampage is when the plug-in settings of Google Chrome are configured with the aim of running everything by default.

4. Though here are numerous plugins that can be easily downloaded online, not all of them create problems. Only those that work with flash content are the ones that make Chrome processes go haywire.

5. Adobe Flash plugins help you see and hear Flash video and audio content on Chrome when you are using your Mac. You will come across some harmful elements in the process of running flash content; in such situations, the Google Chrome Helper fails to respond and affects your working.


Google Chrome Helper CPU

If you open the Activity Monitor and see that a process called “chrome helper” is using too much CPU, here’s how I fixed it: went to Chrome settings/content settings/Plugins and selected Click To Play for all plugins. (The default is Run Automatically.)

This fixed my problem. Now you have to click whenever you want to run a youtube video or other plugins, but it’s worth it. It stops those stupid Flash ads from loading, too, so that’s an extra bonus.

Disable Google Chrome Helper

Deactivating the problem is pretty simple. It will not prevent the user from applying plugins. Simply make it a rule to explore plug-in content occasionally. Disabling “Chrome Helper” is not completely intuitive – be ready to dig a bit deeper into the browser’s settings.

Here are some instructions you should try if Chrome Helper bothers you.

  1. Initially, quit all Chrome windows without escaping the program.
  2. Move to the Preferences menu and scroll down to find “Show Advanced Settings.” The 1st thing to pop up on the list is Privacy, and there you will see right what you need. Move to the next step.
  3. Go directly to your Chrome settings. Pick /content settings/Plugins in a menu.
  4. Choose Click to Play for all plugins. The default option is Run Automatically.

You may wonder, but these two steps are usually enough to take care of both CPU and nasty “Chrome Helper.” Once you are done, click each time you wish to run a YouTube video or other plugins. These actions prevent the silly Flash advertising from loading, so each Mac owner will benefit from it as well when trying to watch a video, play an online game or dig up the safest and the cheapest essay writing service to get some help with an argumentative essay about, say, gun control or dating apps (we’re not judging, heaven forbid).

What else to say? It is almost the same as configuring e-mail to load pictures just when a user clicks on the corresponding link. Embedded content – like Java content – will then be displayed as a grayed-out field. A user can activate it by clicking on the corresponding player. The biggest advantage of running “Chrome Helper” is the fact this action will prevent Flash promo ads from loading automatically without any need to set up an ad-blocker. Plus, you receive your CPU resources back.

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