Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations – The Ultimate Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations – The Ultimate Guide

Horizon zero dawn power cell locations:Horizon Zero Dawn has been out longer than the first few hours, so the chances are you’ve heard about these mysterious items called Power Cells.

You need Power Cells scattered throughout the game world to unlock something pretty special: a secret set of armour called Shield Weave that grants near-invincibility and completely changes the way you can play the game. Overall, the armor is nowhere near the best in the game.

Here’s our guide on where to find the Power Cells, how to get them, and how to get the Shield Weaver armor.

horizon zero dawn power cell locations map
horizon zero dawn power cell locations map

Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell locations 

Horizon Zero Dawn has five Power Cells, and collecting them all will require a fair amount of progress.

That said, some are available very early on in the game – early enough to get through the first of two puzzle locks that guard the Shield Weave armour after just a few hours of play – but you still won’t get the armour itself.

There will be some minor spoilers below, at least in terms of the locations as all of these locations are visited at one point or another during the main story quests.

Power Cell location 1: Underground Bunker from the Prologue

After completing the Prologue-style mission, A Gift from the Past, as a child with Aloy, you can get this one as soon as you have control of Aloy as an adult, free roaming the environment. Return to where you first met Aloy, which is marked as Ruins on your map with a green symbol, just east of Mother’s Watch. Circling this cavern in circles is easy, especially since you can re-enter it from different levels.

You should start at the lowest level when reentering and run through it in the same order as you did with young Aloy at the beginning. The Power Cell is located on the other side of some stalactites and stalagmites – you can see it through them but need to smash them with your Lance to get through. You are about three-quarters of the way through the Ruins, and when you get close to her, Aloy will ask if she is able to get through now that she is older.

Power Cell location 2: All-Mother Temple

You can access this either during or after the quest Womb of the Mountain, following the Proving. To get it mid-quest, you need to go through two doors after you wake up, and then you must crouch to get through a tiny tunnel on your right.

If you’re reentering the temple, just proceed forward down the slope, along the corridor jutting off to your right from the entrance hall, until you reach the second, smaller room. Turn left, and it’s just through there on the right side of a kind of table.

Power Cell location 3: Maker’s End

It’s best to get this during the quest of the same name, Maker’s End, as you’ll have already scaled the tower for that mission and only have to climb a short distance more. Aside from that, it’s a five-minute trek up through the building again, and it’ll be necessary to do it anyway after the mission.

Turn around as you emerge onto the rooftop, then look at the bronze-like spire as you climb to the top of the tower. On the yellow-gold handholds you’ll see for climbing are the yellow-gold handles. Get to the very top of the spire with the scales and the Power Cell awaits you, along with nauseating views.

Power Cell location 4: The Grave-Hoard

As at Maker’s End, this one isn’t available until the mission titled The Grave-Hoard, or afterward if you choose to go back. After entering the ruins, you’ll have to solve three spinning disc puzzles spread across two floors. Then, you can climb up a ledge and open a door ahead of you and to the left. On the ground directly in front of you is a Power Cell and some medicinal plants.

It’s hard to miss! In case you missed it during the mission, you can come back and pick it up to be able to retrace your steps in the future. The Grave Hoard mission walkthrough contains all the solutions to the puzzles and details you need, but beware of spoilers.

Power Cell location 5: GAIA Prime

From the mission The Mountain That Fell onwards, you can obtain the last Power Cell in the ruins of GAIA Prime, towards the end of the main questline. While it is more difficult to miss than previous Cells, it is still quite distinctive. Once you have navigated the ruin and found the item you are seeking (coyness here to avoid spoilers), you will use the zipline to descend to a lower, external, rocky area.

As you approach the level to the east, you’ll see a white item indicator just before you reach level. If you turn around 180 degrees immediately after making your way out of the zipline, you’ll see it at the top. Double back a few yards, and there’s a yellow-tinged handhold on the rock face and a few more above. After a short climb, you will see a purple-lit entrance to a small cave on the side of the mountain. A shelf to the right of that houses the Power Cell.

The Ancient Armory – Where can I find ancient shield weave armour?

Getting your hands on the Shield Weave armour itself requires that you collect all five Power Cells, head to the bunker where it’s hidden, and solve two puzzles.

When you find and pick up your first Power Cell, you will see the bunker location marked on your map. Once the quest has been activated, you will be able to access the underground cave, an ancient ruin that houses the armour.

During the main questline, there are two disc-spinning door puzzles inside these ancient ruins. Both of these require Power Cells to activate the first two Cells, the second three.

  • Once power is restored, the first puzzle is solved by turning the discs to point in the direction indicated by the pink box nearby, which is shown at times of the day. Left to right, they are: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up.
  • Once restored, the second puzzle is solved by facing the discs in the direction indicated by the pink box using degrees to communicate the directions. Right, left, up, left, right, left, from left to right.

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