How Club House Is Transforming The Social Media Industry

How Club House Is Transforming The Social Media Industry

Social Media Industry is commonly known for the dramatic transformation they usually undergo. If you consider any social application that has been present for more than two years, just examine the transformation it has undergone. Through this, you can understand how quickly social platforms adapt to changes. Another specific aspect that has to be known is that a particular sort of content had dominated the social platforms for a specific period. For instance, at first, social media were only filled with huge chunks of text, then video content took an advantage, followed by shorter duration videos such as reels. Now, a new form of content has taken control of the social media industry. It is audio-based content. Club House, the social platform that is completely dedicated to audio-based content is the talk of the town. Here, in this article, I will put forth my points on how Club House is shaping the social media industry.

The Arrival of Club House:  

Club House had its first launch in April 2020. But, the platform was limited only to IOS users. In mid of May 2021, it made its entry on Android. Since then, the Club House is witnessing a whopping rise in its user base. Though it is less than two months since it was launched, it has already surpassed 2 million downloads on Android phones. Hence, the focus of the marketers has turned towards Club House owing to the consistent rise in the user base. The number of people making their entry into this social application is increasing day after day. TweetPhoto, a leading social media marketing service, has already started to help brands with ideating audio content for Club House. 

People have started to spend a considerable part of their everyday social media time on Club House. This is affecting the content consumption of other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Through this, one could understand the impact of this social platform. Hence, people may refrain from buying TikTok likes in coming times as the Club House is gaining huge reception. Brands have started to hire social media services like Bribble to create promotional content for Club House.

How Club House Became People’s Favourite? 

In the past few years, the way people perceive social platforms have changed dramatically. These applications are filled with a massive chunk of data, opinions, and information. People are discussing and gaining insights on various topics of interest on social platforms. When pandemic broke, and people were confined within their homes due to lockdown, social media came to their rescue. Psychologists, experts, and people posted on the ways to care for mental health and to stay motivated. This had helped many to cope up with the mental stress due to the lockdown.

Similarly, people share their consumer issues with their vendors, global economic conditions, etc. Thus, these platforms have become opinion-sharing places. Therefore, if a person has to enhance his knowledge across various topics and subjects, then he can make use of the social platforms. This is the way people approach social platforms in the past few years. 

The advent of this audio-based platform has made knowledge-sharing much more convenient. You can create ‘rooms’ with a topic you want to discuss about, and the people who find the topic to be beneficial can enter the room and take part in the discussion. If you enter a room, it is not compulsory that you should be speaking. You can mute and stay silent and listen to what others say. You can find rooms on various topics ranging from politics, arts and literature, and sports. So, you can enter the room of your choice and listen to the interaction. 

Monetizing Club House:

Even the performance artists like singes, stand-up comedians have also started to conduct shows in Club House rooms. This platform is expected to gain massive importance among marketers in the coming times. Hence, it may give rise to the paid services. For TikTok, there are paid services like buy tiktok auto views service. In the same way, we can also expect paid services for Club House. 

Wrapping Up:

Twitter has launched a feature for audio content known as Twitter Spaces. The advent of Twitter Spaces has resulted in the surge of time people spend on Twitter. For people who are not aware of Twitter Spaces, it is similar to Club House. Without launching Twitter Spaces as a stand-alone application, Twitter has incorporated this feature into its application. 

Instagram and Slack are currently contemplating launching an audio-based feature considering the massive reach gained by the audio-based content. Thus, the arrival of Club House and Twitter Spaces is gradually bringing changes to the landscape of the social media industry. So, if you are a marketer, explore the ways to generate leads through audio content. 

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