How to crack the PMI-RMP Certification Exam

How to crack the PMI-RMP Certification Exam

Project management is referred to as the work of leading a team to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the project within the given time and budget. As the market is growing, it is more competitive than before. Every organization wants to deliver quality projects, And for this project, management is the right choice.

Steps to crack the PMI-RMP Certification Exam

The “RISK MANAGEMENT certification is the most important and crucial part of this exam. A Professional should consider getting proper Risk management training. The following are the steps to crack the PMI RMP certification exam –

1st step :

The first step is to begin your preparation with PMBOK Guide And also be ready to learn beyond it. Chapter 11 of the PMBOK Guide is linked with project risk management, and it has an excellent resource for all the exam content, which is in your syllabus. Apart from learning chapter 11, you have to also move beyond it. Just reading chapter 11 won’t be enough for you; you have to know each of the processes, It’s inputs, tools, and techniques, And of course, the outputs.

2nd Step : 

The second step is to understand the five domains of risk management. The total number of questions in the PMI RMP exam Is 170. Out of these, 150 scores, And the rest are pretest queries. The exam is divided into five domains are risk strategy and planning, which covers 19 to 20% of the exam, then stick holder engagement, which covers 19 to 20%, Than risk project facilitation, Which covers 25 to 28%, Than risk management and reporting which covers 19 to 20% and The 5th domain Which is performed specialized risk analysis covers 14 to 16% of the exam.

3rd Step :

The third step is to create and learn your brain dump. A random means to have all the formulas, rundown of items other ideas that you find difficult. Before the examination, you should create a brain dumb and update it whenever necessary. This will make you more familiar with all the concepts and ultimately with the whole syllabus before the exam. On the day of the exam, you can list all this information on your scrap paper and ensure that you don’t forget anything. This will help you to remember things while writing in your exam As you have written all of These just before.

4th Step :

The Fourth step is to get help from support groups and boot camps. The PMP exam is a difficult one, and passing on the first attempt is not achieved by many candidates. To make sure that you pass this exam on your first attempt, you can find help by joining support groups or boot camps. These groups or camps will help you to get more familiar with your course so that your chance of getting passing marks increases. It is true that boot camps can be expensive, But the most important thing is it provides you with PM techniques that will be quite valuable in your career apart from helping you to get the PMI certificate. Also, you can find support groups on the internet.

5th Step :

The fifth step is to practice taking the exam. After you have completed all your syllabus, It is highly recommended to go for a practice exam; This exam enables you to find out which portions you are still lagging in and which portions you have done correctly. You can find many practice exams and practice books online. After the exam, you can work on the areas which you feel is too difficult for you. Throughout your preparation, you should try taking different mock tests So that it will build up your confidence, And you can have practice for the real exam.

6th Step 

On the day of the exam, Do not get panic and relax before reading the questions. You try to take the exams in rounds. Appear the questions first, which you are most confident with. Do not waste your time on one question. After you have appeared all the questions you know, Try to write the remaining questions with all the knowledge you have. If in case you do not know the answer to few questions, then you can attempt them on guess paste strategy using your instincts. And the most important thing is you should not leave any question unanswered. Try guessing the answer, Which gives the possibility of the answer being correct. Because you never know which guessed answered can be right. Attempt all the questions with full confidence and hope to clear the exam.

These were all the necessary steps to crack the PMI-RMP exam. All the candidates who are willing to pass this exam in the first attempt should follow all these steps and work on it accordingly.

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