How to Replace Apple Watch Screen? Know Everything

How to Replace Apple Watch Screen? Know Everything

How to replace apple watch screen? Since the Apple Watch is attached to your wrist most of the time, the chances of accidentally breaking the screen are quite low. Murphy’s law states that “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

You don’t want to accidentally drop your watch on a tiled floor face-down. Now let’s see what options you have after a disaster strikes.

can you replace apple watch screen
can you replace apple watch screen

Replace Apple Watch Screen

Does Apple Watch Screen Break Easily?

Apple claims the device is resistant to scratches and impact, but a 4-foot drop onto a hard surface is unlikely to damage the watch. If you drop your watch face-down, it will break the glass that makes up the screen.

The aluminum case and Ion-X glass of Apple Watch models with a higher price tag tend to withstand shock better than cheaper ones. A sapphire crystal glass is present on both stainless steel models and ceramic Apple Watch Edition models, which is very hard to scratch or break. However, this does not mean it will not shatter.

Does Apple Replace Apple Watch Screen for Free?

There is no free screen replacement for Apple Watches. Service for your Apple device is normally priced between $69 and $79 with AppleCare+. Depending on your Apple Watch model, you’ll pay a hefty out-of-warranty fee ranging between $159 and $800 if your Apple Watch is not covered by the Apple Limited Warranty or AppleCare+.

AppleCare covers cracked screens on Apple Watches?

The AppleCare payments are only a few dollars a month, but they buy you peace of mind, which is more important. You are covered for accidental damage with AppleCare+. If your screen is cracked, AppleCare’s fees for accidental damage service are $69, and the company will repair it quickly. Apple Watch Herm├Ęs and Apple Watch Edition come with a service fee of $79 each.

What is the cost of replacing an Apple Watch screen?

For an out-of-warranty Apple Watch screen replacement without AppleCare+, you’ll pay between $159 and $499, depending on the model. Get ready to pay $800 if you own an Apple Watch Ceramic model. That’s right, you heard it right. Getting a new iPhone 12 screen is usually more expensive than replacing your Apple Watch screen.

Why Is Apple Watch Screen Replacement So Expensive?

It is not uncommon for Apple to charge half the cost of your device for repairs. Screen replacements for Apple Watches are expensive because the company doesn’t simply change the screen. The watch is completely replaced. The watch with the cracked screen is sent to Apple, and the company sends you back a brand new watch.

The company then deconstructs your old watch and uses its components to make new ones. The work is typically taken care of by your own country’s workers. It’s for this reason that replacing a screen on an Apple Watch is more expensive than replacing a screen on an iPhone.

Is It Worth Replacing the Apple Watch Screen?

If you see how much it costs to replace a broken Apple Watch screen, you may feel helpless. New Apple Watches usually cost $100 or $200 more than replacing a damaged device. As an example, a brand-new Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, cellular, aluminum) costs $529. It costs $349 to replace the screen in the same watch model.

If you have owned the device for a few years, upgrading to the latest Apple Watch model might be a better option than paying $300 to service your old watch. Apple Watch repair costs are often higher than the value of the watch.

Is the Apple Watch still waterproof after the screen has been replaced?

If you have your Apple Watch screen repaired directly at Apple, you can be certain that your device is waterproof. It is not Apple’s policy to repair broken watch screens. Instead, your device is replaced with a new one. We’re talking about a brand-new watch, so you can count on its water-resistant seal to be intact.

Additionally, if you have your Apple Watch serviced by a third-party repair shop, it is not guaranteed to remain water-resistant.

Screen Protectors for Apple Watches: How Important Are They?

You can successfully protect your Apple Watch’s screen when you drop it if you use a screen protector made of tempered glass. Protect your phone with a protective case if you want to avoid any risks. It is not expensive to buy Apple Watch screen protectors and cases, and they can save you a lot of money when disaster strikes.

What is the procedure for replacing the Apple Watch screen?

Apple Watch’s screen shouldn’t break easily since the glass is reinforced. Aluminum models have a watch face made of Ion-X glass, while the stainless steel models (and any old Apple Watch Edition models made of gold or ceramic) have a sapphire crystal front, known as the hardest glass on earth.

Sure enough, the sapphire models appear to cope better with the wear and tear of daily life as high-end wearables, with only minor scratches to be found in normal usage scenarios. That doesn’t mean your Apple Watch Edition won’t shatter tomorrow, but the chances seem to be in your favor.) Ion-X models, on the other hand, have been documented in quite a few cases as suffering more visible damage, such as broken glass.

We discussed normal usage scenarios just then, and you might be wondering what abnormal usage might look like. What about the drop-tests conducted by TechRax on YouTube? According to the researchers, if you throw the Apple Watch face-down at the floor, it will smash. Hope this helps answer your question.

It seems in principle to be fairly easy to replace the screen if you smash your Apple Watch screen – shortly after the launch iFixit took the watch apart and found that the screen was easily removed and replaced. Details about iFixit’s tests can be found below.

However, some reports suggest that it may not be as easily scratched as some have suggested. According to Consumer Reports, they were only able to scratch the Apple Watch Sport screen after some pretty extreme efforts, and the sapphire screen on the stainless steel Apple Watch was impervious to scratches.


The screens of Apple Watches are tough and durable. Compared with cheaper models (aluminum and Ion-X glass), expensive models (stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass) withstand shock better. Sometimes, however, the unexpected happens and you may accidentally break your Apple Watch screen.

The screens of Apple watches can’t be repaired. You can buy a new watch from the company instead. Apple Watch repairs are therefore so expensive. Having your device serviced will cost you $69 to $79 if you have AppleCare+. If you don’t have AppleCare+, you’ll have to pay a fee that ranges between $159 and $800 depending on your Apple Watch model.

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