How to Take Care of Your Real Hair Wigs

How to Take Care of Your Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigs are alluring for some reasons. They are, all things considered, considered more practical than synthetic hair ones, just as more agreeable and regular. Nonetheless, this includes some major disadvantages: you’ll truly have to deal with them. Here are a few hints to best take care of wigs produced using real hair so yours is just about as tough as it ought to be.

Washing Real Hair Wigs

Washing your wigs will be vital 

In the first place, make certain to delicately eliminate any knot in the wig with either your fingers or a wide-tooth brush. Start at the closures and afterward leisurely work toward the roots to stay away from any harm. Whenever you’re done, don’t brush it.

Try not to soak the wig. All things considered, flush it by holding the hair under cool running water, permitting it to run from the roots right to the closures.

Pour a modest quantity of cleanser for shading treated hair on your hand and uniformly stroke it through the hair in a delicate downwards movement, indeed making a point to go from the roots to the closures.

By and by rinse the wig by holding it under running cool water until the water runs clear of any cleanser. Then, at that point delicately crush the hair to press out any abundance water without winding or wringing it.

Conditioning Your Wig

Pour a modest quantity of conditioner on your hand, by and by ensuring it’s for shading treated hair, and equitably work it through the hair in a downwards movement. To hold the wig back from shedding, stay away from the base and foundations of the wig, however, ensuring you go from the mid-shaft right to the ends.

Pass on the conditioner on for one to two minutes; never do more than three to five, contingent upon the conditioner’s guidelines.

Wash the wig by holding it under cool water until it runs clear. Press out the overabundance water by either tenderly crushing the hair or by utilizing a perfect, dry towel. Never wind or wring it.

In conclusion, place the wet wig on remain until it’s totally dry.


The best deal with wigs will clearly rely upon what you need them to resemble. Since they are made out of genuine hair, you will actually want to style them basically the same as how you would real hair. Nonetheless, you actually must be cautious with it. Here are the essentials:

To curl the wig, fold the hair over a hair curling accessory, hold it for ten seconds, and release it.

To fix the wig, take a one-inch segment, beginning at the roots, and afterward run a level iron right to the closures of the hair.

On the off chance that you wish to, you can utilize some hairspray on the end result to assist it with remaining styled.

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