How to Use a CNC Machine: A Simple Guide

How to Use a CNC Machine: A Simple Guide

One popular social media platform’s ad revenue was a whopping $20 billion last year, making it extremely popular with the DIY crowd.

Do you have a hobby that involves DIY woodcrafts? Some of the most profitable DIY woodworking projects today include wooden toys, picture frames, and plant boxes. What can make these DIY projects even more desirable? Enter the CNC machine.

CNC (computer numerical control) machines were once considered commercial tools but now the computer-software-controlled machines are making their way into home workshops.

Are you wondering how to use a CNC machine? Keep reading our informative guide to learn all you need to know about CNC operations.

What is CNC Machine and How Does it Work?

A CNC machine is a machine that is controlled by Plastic extrusion computer software. Various types of machining tools like routers, lathes, drills, and boring tools work through this type of computer automation. Let’s look at how they work.

How to Operate a CNC Machine 

Are you wondering how to use a CNC router or other CNC machines? The first important rule is to get familiar with the tool itself. Know the parts and what they do. The second rule is to clean off the table and tool after each cycle to keep everything running smoothly.

When it comes to using the software to control your tool of choice, there are 3 basic steps.

  1. CAD Programs

Computer-Aided Design is the 2D or 3D drawing of the part or project. These drawings are uploaded to the CNC machine.

This type of computer-generated design is very precise in regard to dimensions and measurements of the project. CAD software is easy to use and will give you a professional finished product.


  1. CAM Programs

Once you have completed your drawing in CAD, the next step is to export the file to the CAM program. It is here that you tell the software what type of tool to use for the project. You will also tell how deep and how quickly to cut.

  1. G-Code 

This is the numerical programming language that controls the CNC machine. The G-code is what moves the machine.

G-coding can be done by hand by typing it into a program or use the CAD drawings and convert them using computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).


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What’s Next Now That You Learned How to Use a CNC Machine?

In this guide, you got a glimpse of how to use a CNC machine. Will you be adding one to your home workspace?

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