Huawei Band 6: The Best Band at this Price

Huawei Band 6: The Best Band at this Price

We lately bobbed up with the new review of Honor Band 6, which was a phenomenal physical fitness tracker for the cost. Well, in that respect, there is an alike—almost an exact copy—product in the marketplace known as the Huawei Band 6.


  • Polymer fiber cast with a metallic refinement
  • Obliterable silicone polymer strap, 5 ATM certificated

Check how Honor promoted a more outstanding design in its most recent wearable; the Huawei Band 6 abides by as its path is likened to its predecessor. The slim form element has a significant overhaul, and I enjoy this fresh look.

Moderately superior design:

Although sharing is pattern language, Huawei has tried to secern its physical fitness tracker in a few ways. 1st, the side push button here does not have a blood-red accent like the huawei band 6 color. Besides, the opposing frame does not include a “Huawei” marking either—opposed to Honor’s option to do so with its logotype.


  • 47-inches AMOLED board, 283 PPI
  • 100+ watch faces, 192 x 368 pixels

It puts up a 1.47″ AMOLED screen display with 194 by 368 pixels. Mostly, this display screen is the same on Honor Band 6. Upon more confining inspection, I found the colors to appear slightly more innate on the Huawei Band 6—with the best counterpoint and black levels as well.

Extra SpO2 widget:

At any rate, only like Honor Band 6 can you install adequate to 5 gadgets on the home screen here. Contrary to the rivalry, Huawei’s proposition has a SpO2 gadget also. Regardless of the face size, the UI is clear and comfortable to make out.

Health, physical fitness tracking:

  • 96 exercise modes (10 professional + 86 misc.)
  • All-day blood oxygen, pulse rate, stress supervising

Regarding physical fitness tracking, Huawei assures significant counts on the Band 6. About 96 exercise modes certainly sound like very much—and it certainly is. Simply the reality could not be more unsatisfactory. The thing is, as well as the 10 master workout modes and the continuing ones are pretty much as is.

Battery Life:

  • 180mAh, adequate to 14 days of battery life
  • Magnetized battery charger, quick charging support

At last, let’s talk about the battery survival of the Huawei Band 6. Precisely like Honor’s choice, this one also anticipates a 2 week of battery life. With 24 hr blood oxygen supervision, I was expecting this matter to go no longer than 5 to 6 days. Outstandingly, I coped with going 7 to 8 days without being forced to charge it up.


OK, let’s finish this review of the Huawei Band 6. The question stays—is spending a few more dollars on this worth it? Assuring its conversancy with the more inexpensive Honor Band 6 does not seem so. And that is where I am resting as well. The just actual value in acquiring the less affordable of the 2 is its uninterrupted blood oxygen supervising ability. So, if you are able to rationalize the additional money for this characteristic, the Huawei Band 6 is by all odds worth your money.

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