Hybrid Cloud|Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid Cloud|Getting the Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid cloud is a cloud that uses a mix of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

The public cloud has been quite popular in the tech world over some time now. Different Companies widely use it regularly as their daily driver. However, in recent years we are offered a choice between on-promises environments and a cloud solution at the same time. This way, companies can get the best of both worlds by getting more control of their data by staying on premise and maintaining low costs and security by moving on the cloud as well. Microsoft cloud backup cab be used to backup your data.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

The demand of hybrid cloud strategy is increasing day by day. It allows enterprises security and control where it is needed while still offering flexibility and low costs. Due to this, many organizations are opting for hybrid cloud strategy more these days.

More Secure

By using a hybrid cloud strategy, data storage companies can leverage the security of a private cloud with the power and services of a public cloud. While data stored in a private environment will likely still have to be transmitted to the public cloud for analytics, applications, and other processes, extensive encryption methods can be implemented to ensure this data remains as secure as possible. Veeam Storage Appliance can be used in this case to ensure efficiency

Elasticity & Flexibility

Cloud environments are best suited for flexibility and for managing big data. This is because a cloud can offer elasticity and flexibility which is highly needed for big data deployment. It offers a vast range of scalability. For instance, for big data companies, there is no constant flow of data. Tech events or deals like Cyber Monday or Black Friday may trigger traffic more than the usual flow. This could be a challenge as without a cloud, you would only have to rely on your On-Premise infrastructure and expanding that to meet the needs can be very expensive. So, a cloud environment enables companies to scale their infrastructure according to the needs and then scale it back down again when the need has been fulfilled. This way, there won’t be a constant expense of infrastructure as they would scale up or down accordingly and is both cheaper and easier.

Better Speed

Hybrid Cloud strategy enables IT staff to optimize the network to minimize latency and make it easier for data to get where it needs to be, quickly. Hybrid clouds can also take advantage of edge computing to further increase speed and help locate crucial services closer to end users.

Let’s not forget Backup

Although Hybrid Cloud is great in terms of storage and performance, it is still not as secure as a dedicated backup and replication appliance. It is best to get a backup appliance to help secure your highly invested data. Or it’s better to get help from an ITAD company while you are on this task. An ITAD company like Dataknox ensures smooth transactions to the cloud while taking care of your old and highly important data.


Hybrid Cloud Strategy is becoming an integral part of how companies adopt big data through simplifying the process and reducing costs. This is the way forward and companies are opting for it more and more as it offers an efficient and low cost solution for their data needs.

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