Manual Paraphrasing vs Paraphrasing Tool: Which option is best?

Manual Paraphrasing vs Paraphrasing Tool: Which option is best?

Paraphrasing has become the need of every person who is dealing in the writing field. Whether you are a student or a writer, you need this technique to make your content unique.

The Internet has become a deep-sea of information. You can dive into it to get the answer to any query and write about it.

Due to such a huge amount of information, you may find bad results while writing unique content. Your ideas may interact with other persons in the world.

Therefore, your work will not be unique. In turn, you may have to face problems while submitting your work.

To avoid such problems, we are going to discuss a specific method to find unique writings.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is a particular method with which you can convert a copied content into a unique one. With this technique, you will not have to worry about plagiarism problems.

In this process, the words will be changed with available synonyms. Every action or feeling has multiple words to express it.

This is the main feature of this method. You only have to pick someone’s idea from the internet and paraphrase it using synonyms.

Therefore, you will not have to invest a huge time in thinking and getting new ideas. Also, you will not have to do creative writings now.

Types of Paraphrasing

There are two main types of Paraphrasing. Both these methods have the same expected outcomes.

The first one is termed manual paraphrasing while the other one is done with a paraphrasing tool.

A user can pick any of them according to his interest. The only thing you have to look at is the mental satisfaction from the work.

Let’s discuss both these types one by one shortly.

Manual Paraphrasing

In this process, the user will have to do everything on his own. He will have to read the entire paper and then change according to his best knowledge.

For this purpose, the person would have to be an expert on the language. Without extra level proficiency, he will not be able to paraphrase the content effectively.

Besides, he would have to keep his attention on the work. A little bit of distraction will be harmful and show the worst results.

For instance, if you are working with a paper of 10 pages, you might lose attention because of the burden of work. In this case, you might get confused and replace inappropriate words.

Some people like to do manual paraphrasing but a lot of them avoid it because of complications.

Paraphrasing using online Tool

Online Paraphrasing Tool is the best option to get aid in rewording your text. It is a specific method where very little interference of human occurs.

A person will only have to add his text in the given box and click on the button. The tool will paraphrase the content and replace the synonyms without external assistance.

These are pre-programmed tools to make the process easier and efficient. The probabilities of human error will be minimum in this process.

In addition, the tool will enable you to get reliable content by using appropriate words. It will replace the words that fit with the meaning of context.

Therefore, the user will not get horrible results and keep working with grace. You can use it by browsing a Paraphrasing tool over the internet.

Manual Paraphrasing Vs Paraphrasing tool

Many people have this question in their minds. They ask often which type of paraphrasing is the best to use. In the upcoming lines, we will describe the qualities of both.

We will try to conclude which method is the best between both of these. Let’s start comparing both these types and find a better way to paraphrase the content.

First of all, we will compare both of them regarding efforts. In manual paraphrasing, you will have to put a lot of effort into the work.

You should have to stick with the process all the time. It is because you will have to change, replace or delete every word on your own.

The paraphrasing tool will shorten the time of this process effectively. It will pick every word from your content and replace it with available synonyms.

You will not have to do much work as you only have to copy and paste your text.

Secondly, you will have to be proficient in any language for manual paraphrasing. Without a proper grip on language, you cannot change the components of the paper.

There might be a possibility that you will change the meaning of content mistakenly. With a tool, you will not have to think about this process.

The programming has done finely that it will do everything without your help. The tool has a database to find and replace the words properly.

So, there is almost a 0% chance that you will get the content with a changed meaning.

Thirdly, you will have to find a lot of time to do manual paraphrasing. It needs your time, attention, focus, and proficiency in the language.

If you have lacked any of them, you are going to face the worst results. According to a rough estimation, it might take almost 30-40 minutes in paraphrasing the content of 500 words.

With a paraphrasing tool, all these factors are reduced to much extent. You will not have to be patient and wait for such a long time.

It will provide your unique and new paper in just 5 minutes. Along with this, you only need to pay a little attention to the whole process.

You only have to read the final copy and make changes if you need. There are very few chances that this kind of situation may occur.

So, we can say that the paraphrasing tool is far better than manual paraphrasing. It will save you time and enable you to work confidently.

How does a Paraphrasing tool work?

The process of this tool’s working is pretty simple. You will not have to do anything but copy your original content and paste it into the text box. It might look like the following image.

Now, you only have to click on the following button. It will start the process. The tool will begin to find the synonyms and other appropriate words of the complex terminologies.

After a while, you will get a copy of unique content on your screen. You can copy this new content and use it at any place.

The experts have programmed the tool and integrated it with multiple databases. With your click, it will start working with these databases and extract the words according to programmed instructions.

In this way, it provides you with the best and unique piece of content.


The process of paraphrasing entirely depends on your condition. You can choose any of the above-discussed processes.

But we recommend you get an efficient paraphrasing tool for your task. It will enable you to get 100% authentic and reliable outcomes quickly.

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