Mobile apps for a world on the move

Mobile apps for a world on the move

In today’s society, the mobile app market grows as fast as possible. So businesses are trying to improve their company, they are focusing on being huge. Industries are adapting in-app advertisements or in-app purchases for gaining popularity, especially during the COVID-19.

So if you want to change the world into a better place, you better try some small positive impact like start it with your mobile app. Also, you can read this article to help you through the world move iOS app development company in Australia.

Now, let’s see the ways how mobile apps changed the world.

Immediate Answers to questions

You might use the phrase “just Google it” once a day. Mobile apps give accessibility and allow you to search anything, anywhere and anytime you want. So if you want any information or have any questions, just Google it. Back then when Google wasn’t available for everyone, most people really don’t want to know everything, they focus on their job and just have information about that.

Instant Communication and Connection

Nowadays with social media you can easily communicate with others, find new friends for yourself, seek for old friends and start video chat with them, and always you can stay connected even if you are not near others. You expect others to reply right away, if you don’t get that, it may cause you to be annoyed and impatient. So you can text someone back within a few minutes.

Improve in Work Productivity

With mobile apps you can plug into work as easily as possible. So you can easily answer emails, calls, or when you are traveling you can video conference with your employees. Maybe you think that it is a great opportunitunnity for your productivity but it is not good for your social life, but know that this way you are able to work longer hours than before.

Simplify Daily Tasks

Daily tasks which you might not give a thought to have gotten progressively simpler and more efficient with the introduction of certain mobile applications. Things such as buying tickets for a movie or theater, buying stuff for your home, or doing the bank stuff. You now recognize that all of these save a huge time. So you shouldn’t even go to the store or bank physically. Thus, you can spend as much time as you need at work or home and only by using the apps you can do your work.

Here are some mobile apps for a world on the move:

Charity Miles

Charity Miles allows you to get in shape while also raising funds for charity; making each step count. It records your actions like an activity tracker and contributes money to your favorite charity for every mile you jog, walk, or bike. It’s incredibly simple to use and could be used tracking every activity, even if you’re simply going for a walk.

Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness not only help you alter the world one step at a time, but they also increase your personal self-worth and happiness, according to studies. This application offers hundreds of good actions you may do, ranging from contributing to charities to volunteering for a great cause. Sinecure Industries, the app’s creator, has also promised to give 25 percent of the application’s advertising earnings to Goodwill.

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes uses live video connections to link visually impaired and blind persons with sighted volunteers everywhere around the world. Blind people would use the application to seek assistance with everything from determining a little thing to the big businesses. Thus, if you want to help blind people, it can be a good way for you.

Pocket CPR

Hopefully, you will never need this application, but if the need comes, it has the ability to save lives. This software, developed by British Heart Foundation, gives real-time feedback and guidance to enable anybody to learn and develop CPR in order to be prepared in an emergency and assist the ones who need help.


The Feedie app allows you to turn your interest into a good cause by physically sharing food with people in need. When you are using Feedie to take pictures of the food and share it with a partner restaurant, the business will donate to a non-profit foundation that distributes lunches to South African kids. The small number of active restaurants is a minor disadvantage, but there should be one close to you.


It is another application that is a good opportunity to help hungry children. It allows you to combat hunger with a single tap of your finger; feeding a child for one day costs only 50 cents. The application also shows you where your money is going and who it is benefitting.


This application is for you unless you’ve ever felt unhappy while watching the news and wished something was you can do about it. DoSomething highlights current events and offers you quick, impactful methods to make a significant difference. Whatever it is that is making you unhappy right now, there seem to be hundreds of initiatives you can join to help change the world in a better place.

Good on You

Do you want to be a good shopper? Congratulations! You keep you updated on how fashion businesses handle their employees, the environment, and animals, then you can make educated shopping decisions. In addition to determining whether businesses are having a positive effect, the application helps to discover new, fashion industry labels that fit your budget and interests, and also contact brands immediately with your good or negative comments.

Last Words

How to take your business online? How many times did you ask yourself about it during the changes the world has? You can easily involve yourself with the changes just by mobile apps.

Mobile applications have enabled you to achieve far more with the touch of a button than you could have expected. Love it or loathe it, mobile applications have transformed the world, and you can only imagine how applications will continue to impact your lives and influence the future.


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