PDF to Word: How To Convert Files Using PDFBear

PDF to Word: How To Convert Files Using PDFBear

Today, most of us rely heavily on the digital space. Be it for home, school, or work, everything is just a few clicks away. With this, it will also help us a lot if we learn a thing or two about faster and more efficient ways to do things in the digital space, like converting PDF to word and other perks you can do with this universal file format. We know it is easy to save word documents in PDF format, but we are left wondering how a PDF file format can be converted into word and open for edits made by you. Good thing we are here to introduce you to an easy way to openly edit your PDF file:

1. Look for a reliable PDF converter, like PDFBear

When you need to convert PDF into word, you can just turn to the Internet and look for a tool that allows you to make changes to PDF files and other file formats. Just remember to be cautious about the sites that you open. Because a lot today has relied on the Internet, there will also be lots of malicious elements online that are just waiting to hack you and use your data against you. This is the reason you still need to be careful about the sites you open. Choose the site that you know you can trust, like PDFBear when you are looking for a PDF to Word online free converter.

Why PDFBear?

Offers the best conversions

PDFBear has partnered up with other best converting tools, like Solid Documents. They ensure you get nothing but the best conversions for your PDF files.

Easy to use

PDFBear offers just a simple layout and instructions. You do not need to go to lengths just to get what you deserve.


You do not need to install PDFBear before you can use it. With other PDF converters, you still need to install them, which can also be dangerous. Sometimes, malicious files and programs enter your computer through required installations. You can also use this PDF conversion tool for free!

Provides superior quality

Overall, you can assure that PDFBear provides the best service, proven by their satisfied users. Solid-Framework brings us PDFBear, which makes this tool ensure the highest standards for working on your files.

2. Visit PDFBear

Just go and visit the PDFBear. Upon hitting enter, you will be welcomed by a cool and minimalistic layout. This layout allows you to maneuver the tool easily. It is not like other tools that are messy and overstimulating. These kinds of layouts will make it harder for you to go through the entire converting process. PDFBear has been the tool used by many because everything you need is already there.

3. Click “Select a File”

You will also see a big “Select a File” option. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to your documents folder. You can now go through your documents and choose the right PDF file you need to convert into a word document. Once you have chosen the PDF file you are going to convert, just click it. PDFBear welcomes you with different options on how you want to convert your file. These options include converting the content as images or converting them into editable content.

4. Or drag your files onto the box

If the window containing the files, you need to convert is already open, you can just click and drag the files you want to convert into PDFBear’s converting box. You cannot miss this big, light blue box that says, “or drop a file here to start uploading”.

5. Wait for PDFBear

After setting up the right options for converting your PDF to a word document, you now just have to wait for PDFBear to do its thing. It extracts the scanned pages or texts from your file, so it’s ready to be converted into a word document. Wait for the conversions to complete. This should not take too long.

6. Download your new converted file

Once PDFBear finishes processing and converting your PDF file to a word document, a download option will show up. By clicking this, you will get to download your new word document. Depending on your Internet connection, this will just be quick. In no time, you can now open and edit your word document! PDFBear makes sure that it formats your word document nicely.

More productive and safer lifestyle

Here are just some of the steps for converting your PDF file online in the safest way possible. With this guide, we hope we were able to help you in making your digital life easier and more productive. The most important thing is that we can help you take care of your safety when dealing with the digital space.

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