Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough & Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield Walkthrough & Guide

The Pokemon Sword & Shield walkthrough is here. Pokemon Sword & Shield is the first Mainstream Pokemon Game part of the Pokemon Franchise’s 8th Generation. The games were released worldwide in November 2019 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console. Pokemon Sword & Shield was the second set of Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch, following Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Let’s Go Eevee, which were released almost a year earlier.

Each of Pokemon Sword & Shield takes place in The Galar Region, the newest country in the Pokemon Universe. This area is based heavily upon the real-world location of Great Britain, as seen in the structure of buildings found throughout the game and the overall look of the region as a whole. The Galar Region contains many industrial cities and a vast Wild Area home to many strong Pokemon and even Pokemon Dens that hold Max Raid Battles. The region is highly vertical in appearance, and players will slowly have to work their way heading north from the southern tip as they defeat all the Pokemon Gyms to challenge the Galar Region Champion Cup eventually.

Since Pokemon Sword & Shield ushered in the beginning of the 8th Generation of Pokemon, brand new Pokemon are found throughout The Galar Region. Nearly 80 never-before-seen Pokemon will be available for players to capture and raise, ranging from starter Pokemon to legendary Pokemon! Furthermore, you can also find over 300 previously released Pokemon within the Galar Region! This allows players to obtain brand new Pokemon and travel with some of their beloved Pokemon from previous Generations!

Like any new Mainstream Pokemon Games, Pokemon Sword & Shield keeps several aspects from previous games while introducing several brand new concepts. Players will continue to capture Pokemon during their journey to defeat the eight Pokemon Gyms found scattered across The Galar Region in hopes of ultimately challenging the Champion Cup (the Galar Region’s version of the Pokemon League) and becoming the next Champion. In addition to this, trainers will also have to defeat Team Yell, the next antagonist group causing trouble within the region. Players might also have to deal with a secondary group stirring up mischief like back in the Alola Region!

In early 2020, the Pokemon Company announced that they would forgo sequels for Pokemon Sword & Shield, opting for the Expansion Pass DLC Packages for the games instead. Purchasable in the Nintendo Switch Shop, players will be able to explore the brand new areas of The Galar Region known as the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra. Released in the Summer of 2020, the Isle of Armor sees players attending a Master Dojo to obtain the Legendary Pokemon Kubfu. After doing so, players will travel with Kubfu in hopes of eventually climbing one of the Tower of Two Fists for it to evolve into mighty Urshifu! The Crown Tundra will be released in the Fall of 2020, with players exploring the vast winter utopia in search of the Legendary PokemonCalyrex. Players will also be able to find brand new Legendary Pokemon and Legendary Galarian Form Pokemon (as well as Legacy Legendary Pokemon) as they travel through the Crown Tundra!

Unlike other Gaming Websites that will cover Pokemon Sword & Shield, we will be creating a guide that will start from when the games were first revealed rather than after they are released! We will cover all the Pre-Release Spoilers &Rumors leading up to the game release, as well as building the most comprehensive and interactive Walkthrough that will cover everything within the game after it launches! The DLC packages for the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra will also be covered! To not miss any updates along the way, make sure to subscribe to receive alerts when new pages are posted! (You can navigate through the numerous pages already published by using the Table of Contents on desktops or the Guide Menu on mobile devices!)

pokemon sword shield walkthrough
pokemon sword shield walkthrough


Once you get through the opening cutscenes, select your appearance, name, and all that jazz, you’ll start the game on the sofa of your house in Postwick. Hop runs in, tells you to grab your stuff, then he’ll wait for you to head outside.

Head into your room on the other side of the house and pick up your rucksack and hat, have a quick word with Mom, then leave through the front door. Keep an eye out for Wooloo by the fence – you’ll be back here shortly – and follow Hop down the path towards his house. Inside, he speaks with his mother, then leaves and goes down Route 1 towards Wedgehurst. You can’t go in the tall grass yet because you don’t have any Pokemon, so head to the town where you’ll greet Leon.

Choosing a starter

After the cutscene, you’ll be back up at Hop’s house, where you can pick from Grookey, the Grass-type; Scorbunny, the Fire-type; or Cobble, the Water-type. Whatever you select, Hop will choose the weakest one, while Leon will choose the strongest one to add to the Charizard he already has. Gracious.

After that, face off against Hop for the first time, and you should be able to take him down without any problems since he uses a low level Wooloo first. Defeating that will level your starter up to six, so you’re stronger than his level five choice.

Slumbering Weald

The Wooloo will finally have broken through that pesky gate that was standing in the way of Wooloo’s dreams and hopes. Choose the option to save Wooloo and enter the forest, fighting a few wild Pokemon along the way. Before you proceed to the end of the path, you should level up your starters a bit more.

Surprise! Whether you have a Sword or Shield, Zacian or Zamazenta can be found here, but what about the poor Wooloo? The legendary best will be facing you, but you will not be able to damage it. Try a few times, and you’ll be knocked unconscious when Leon finds and rescues you, along with finding Wooloo safe and sound. What a great guy, eh?

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