Powerful Tools for Finding Duplicate Photos

If you are looking for powerful reverse image search tools, then you are in the right spot. Most reverse lookup tools today use algorithms like shape, size and even colors to scan images, and some are even designed to detect faces that are very helpful when you are looking for specific people. This process of reverse image searching is quite simple but still because of the unawareness about the search method people still get confused. Today I am going to list some of the best reverse image search utilities along with the different applications of these tools!

Reverse Image Search with Duplichecker

The reverse image search by Duplichecker is a very reliable and accurate online tool in terms of finding duplicate pictures on the internet. This Image finder utility is a free one, and you don’t have to download it on your device for free use. Open Duplichecker’s reverse photo lookup on your browser. When you open this image search tool, you would see three different searching options. You can search for images, and you can search by keywords and also by the URL of an image. Just give your input and hold the ‘Search Similar Images’ button. The tool will securely do its job in less than seconds!

Google Image Search

The google image search program, as the name tells us, is powered by Google. This is an immensely popular search tool across the globe. We want you to know that with the assistance of the Google image search tool, one can easily find exact images, unravel image plagiarism and also check copyrights. It is super easy to operate, and the best part is that it is free. You have to upload content and drop it in the search bar of Google. Click on the ‘search’ button to get quality and accurate results. The only flaw in this tool is that it saves your input in its database!

Pinterest Visual search tool

This image search tool is also known as the fun reverse image search tool on the internet, and this is because of its attractive and easy to understand interface. It was launched a couple of years ago by the famous image platform, better known as Pinterest. With the Pinterest reverse image search tool, you can easily help yourself in finding all sorts of similar images and details on those images as well. This is very easy to use tool for which you don’t need any skills and experience to operate. You can find this reverse image search tool on the very interface of Pinterest!

Getty Images

This is the best reverse image search tool for marketers and a famous one as well. Getty Images is a complete website stocked with photos. In addition to finding images and graphic designs for your content one can also take help from the reverse image search feature of this website to perform a lookup. The use of this reverse image search is simple as soup, you have to use the camera icon in the bar to upload content, or you can also add keywords to the bar. After completing the input, you have to hit the ‘search’ button, and you will get accurate results!

Pic Search

Pic search is a very interesting tool; in fact, it is known to be the most innovative reverse image search tool of the decade. This reverse image search utility is said to have more than three billion images in its interface. Although the working and existence of pic searches are the same as other image search tools at the same time, you must know that it provides a different variety of results. The advanced search feature of this tool is best for finding meta details about an image. The use of the image search tool is quite simple, and usually, it is used to search online images via their URL!

Tin Eye Reverse Image tool

The tin eye is among the finest reverse image search utilities available on the internet. This online tool uses artificial intelligence to search your input. The advanced features of this tool make it easier for all users to find all kinds of details about an image in one place. The best usage of this tool is to find image plagiarism. You have to add your images or their URLs in the tool and hit the search. The tool will immediately tell you about all the websites and pages that are using your content without your permission!

Applications of reverse image search!

With reverse image search tools, you can:

  • Find similar images on the internet.
  • Find image plagiarism.
  • Known about the copyrights and ownership of an image.
  • Create backlink opportunities.
  • Find details about the subjects and objects on an image.
  • Find images of different sizes and shapes.
  • Detect fake accounts.

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