Scaling your customer support using Text to speech

Scaling your customer support using Text to speech

According to HubSpot, Customer success is anticipating customer challenges or questions and proactively providing solutions and answers. Customer success helps you boost customer happiness and retention, thus increasing your revenue and customer loyalty.

In today’s rapidly growing market, closing a deal isn’t enough. You need to make strategic efforts to onboard new customers and retain the existing ones. As your business grows, you need to equip yourself with timely and ideal practices to stay on par with the market and customers’ demand.

It is vital to study what the customers are positively responding to and make decisions accordingly. The audio industry is growing. Most industries and businesses have understood the importance of voice overs. If you have customers then, customer success and support is vital. And to enable efficiency, we suggest you adopt text-to-speech for your customer support and success needs. Text-to-speech can help enhance your current marketing and customer success approaches.

How to use AI voice in Customer Support?

Welcome message

When a customer tries to reach out to you, the first voice they hear can be a crucial element in determining retention. With the help of AI text-to-speech technology, you can have a well-articulated message to welcome the customer and introduce your business or product. The welcome message can be personalized based on the customer’s language, region, or buying pattern.

A personalized message can help the customer connect better with your brand and evoke the urge to learn more about your company.

Requesting feedback

Do you want to make your business vision a success? Well, your customers are the key to your victory. The key to achieving business success is ensuring that the customers are taken care of. Their needs should be met and feedback should be considered to stir better versions of your product or services.

Customers are not going to walk to your doorstep with their feedback. But, you need to reach out to them with specific questions that can help apprehend your growth and scope for improvement.

For instance, a consumer reaches out to an e-commerce helpline regarding a return and refund request. As the query needs human intervention, the inquirer speaks with a customer support executive. Once the inquiry is resolved, the call can be diverted to an AI voice to gather immediate feedback on their experience.

Delay/Waiting Announcement

A customer who reaches out might be looking for prompt responses and resolutions. You can prioritize your customers yet, there is a possibility that multiple users reach out to you at once. This can cause a chaotic scenario if not dealt with care.

If you’re unable to resolve their concerns at that moment, it is vital to notify them of the reason behind the delay. Well-thought-through reminder messages help to maintain the callers’ calm.

With the help of text-to-voice generators, you can also let users know of an existing waiting queue along with the time it will take to reach their turn.

Non-business hours message

If you cater to a global audience, it is vital that you inform your customers of non-business hours. You may be functioning out of a specific time zone – your customers may be extended around the globe. It can be challenging to be available for each of them 24X7. We are simply humans creating content, products, and services to make lives easier and faster.

So our teams need rest too.

If a customer tries to connect with you during your non-business hours, a text-to-voice generatorcan help create appropriate messages to be communicated. Every company has their own holiday calendar, using AI voice and voice over generators is a good way of communicating the same to your customers.

Industries that can use AI text-to-speech to scale customer support

Real Estate

You can have multiple buyers calling you at the same time, AI text-to-speech can aid in catering to all of them at once. A personalized brand identity to guide your callers. All the clients may not need to directly converse with an agent. Some may want basic details such as how to schedule a site visit.


Customer support and success for the Insurance industry is fragile. Users calling may have a wide range of inquiries. These queries may not necessarily need a representative intervention. The questions can be on the different types of insurances available or how to claim a reimbursement.


Be it for your favourite apparel or to upgrade to a new phone, e-commerce websites are all around us and most of us visit them daily. Post a purchase, a customer can call the website to track the order, know the refund status or other similar inquiries that can be resolved with the help of AI voice.

Instructional voice overs such as press 1 to choose a language or press 2 to track your order is the best way to cater to millions of customers and their inquiries at once.

Customer Satisfaction Score is a metric used by companies to measure the overall experience of the customer and to indicate customer retention and repurchase/resubscription.

AI voice and voice and speech generators are vital factors to determine your customer satisfaction score.

Text-to-speech is money and time-saving

To reach out to the maximum number of people, you also need a larger team. This can be time-consuming. But with AI voice you can reach out to a larger audience with just a few steps. With a text-to-speech online tool, you can achieve your voice over needs to scale up your customer support.

Tools like Murf, let you do more than you anticipate. With over 100+ voices and 15+ languages, Murf lets you create audios and edit them irrespective of your prior experience in the audio industry. In four simple steps – cut, copy, paste, and render, your high-quality output is ready.

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