Sources of EMF Radiation in Your Home and What You Can Do About It

Sources of EMF Radiation in Your Home and What You Can Do About It

If you’ve never heard of EMF radiation, it might sound like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. The truth is, it’s something that we are all exposed throughout the entire day.

And while generally, most researchers believe that electric and magnetic field radiation is non-harmful, others disagree.

If you’re worried about possible EMF exposure at home, keep reading to discover the top devices emitting radiation and learn what you can do for immediate EMF protection.

Two Types of EMF Exposure

EMFs are typically separated into two categories when discussed – non-ionizing and ionizing.

Researchers and scientists agree that ionizing forms of radiation such as x-rays, gamma rays, and sunlight are harmful and cause cellular damage with prolonged exposure.

Where they disagree is when it comes to non-ionizing radiation. The EMF sources include:

  • Computers
  • Microwave ovens
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Cellphones

This is a cause for concern when all of these items are in use throughout the day. But there’s no need to stress. You can take preventive measures that’ll provide immediate effect!

EMF Protection

The first step towards EMF protection is to identify the areas of considerable exposure. The simplest method is to buy a few meters and look for dangerous levels or hire professionals like

The thing is, with the world steadily going wireless, nobody thinks about the health ramifications.

WiFi devices, for example, emit low to mid-frequency radiation, making them non-ionizing and non-harmful in certain circles. However, you need to remember that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has identified non-ionizing EMFs as potential human carcinogens.

This means the WiFi, your cellphone, computers, and tablets are all potential human carcinogens!

But after identifying the areas in your home with the most significant EMF exposure, it can be easier to protect yourself.

The thing is, EMF radiation doesn’t go away until the source is entirely off. You can reduce EMFs by unplugging your WiFi at night and turning off all electronics in your bedroom. This means no cell phones, computers, and disconnecting your lamps as well.

It might be challenging at first trying to fall asleep without Netflix playing in the background, but sleeping without your phone right next to your head can reduce your exposure by up to 40% every night.

Unlike lamps or a computer, protecting yourself from cell phone EMF radiation requires a little more attention. The most basic rule you need to remember is always to keep it at a distance whenever possible.

This means when you know a conversation is going to run long, use headphones or text instead!

It’s not a strange sight these days to see kids constantly gaming or watching videos on their tablets and phones. Depending on the number of hours they use these devices, you can always turn it on airplane mode to reduce excess exposure.

Going Forward

EMF exposure is not at the top of everyone’s mind but is something that’s silently affecting our health every day. You’ve taken the first step by being aware and searching for ways to reduce your EMF radiation exposure.

As the world looks to turn more household items wireless, like blenders and coffee machines, it’s becoming even more apparent that people need to become more diligent in protecting themselves.

If you found these tips helpful, check out some of our other recent posts on EMFs!


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