3 Unmissable Symptoms of iPad Water Damage

3 Unmissable Symptoms of iPad Water Damage

iPads provide the functionality of PCs with many of the features we love about our phones, like apps and how easy it is to carry them.

If you have an iPad, you can’t imagine life without it. When it stops working, it feels like the end of the world. What’s worse is that sometimes, it’s hard to tell what’s going on.

One common reason iPads stop working is due to water damage. Take a look at these three telltale signs of iPad water damage.

  1. Have an Original Model? There’s an iPad Water Damage Indicator

iPads today don’t have water damage indicators. They’re now called “liquid contact indicators,” or LCIs, and are on iPhones. If you have an original iPad, yours should have two sensors.

They’re on the first generation of iPads alone and were first called liquid submersion indicators (LSIs). They’re similar to the iPhone LCIs, but are in different places. The first is deep in the headphone jack, while the other is in the dock connector, opposite from the pins.

You’ll want a bright flashlight to see them. A magnifying glass could be handy, too. Like the iPhone LCI, the iPad LSIs turn red when tripped by moisture.

Keep in mind that the sensors aren’t foolproof—some people say ambient humidity tripped theirs. Still, if your iPad isn’t working and the sensor is tripped, there’s a good chance water could be the issue.

  1. If It Looks Like Water: Chances Are, It Is

You may not need a special sensor to tell whether your tablet has water damage. Take a close look at the screen and an even closer look at the camera lens. Water tends to condense behind these parts.

It may not look like droplets. If the screen or lens looks a little foggy or steamy, try to wipe it off. If the fog doesn’t come off, you might have a moisture problem.

There’s no one iPad water damage repair cost, but one thing’s for sure: If you’re not a tech wiz, trying to take your tablet apart and fix it yourself is an excellent way to make repairs more expensive.

  1. Think Back: Did It Get Wet?

Over the course of your life, your iPad may come in contact with a lot of things: food, drinks, the inside of your toddler’s mouth…

If you have a case on your iPad, you might not think twice about getting it wet: You towel it off and move on. Still, it could be that one wrong move breaks the machine.

If you remember that your iPad got wet and usual troubleshooting doesn’t make it work, that’s a good sign it could be water damage. Let it sit in a dry room. If that doesn’t fix it, take it in for examination.

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Now that you know these three signs of iPad water damage, you can review your broken tablet and see if water damage could be the problem.

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