Taking Care Of Your Body With CBD Oil Tincture As You Age

Taking Care Of Your Body With CBD Oil Tincture As You Age

It seems that no matter how well we have taken care of our physical beings that at a certain point in our lives age tends to catch up with us, one day you are running for miles with the step counter trying to keep up and the next your back gives way as you try to climb out of bed.

While we can’t stop the inevitable from happening we can try our best to make the last trimester of our lives as comfortable as possible. This may mean cutting back on the gym sessions, eating healthier food options, and using all-natural and organic products and if it is as simple as it sounds then what have we got to lose?

The great fact is that so many ingredients out there have been grown, harvested, and manufactured with this concept in mind, understanding that for a longer fuller life action needs to be taken for the inside as well as the outside.

Searching and researching products and which are suited to your lifestyle and needs can seem daunting, not knowing who to trust essentially or, are there better products than others? Take your time when you first begin, and the effort in thorough homework will be beneficial in the long run.



CBD oil for your health.

There have been talks for decades and in some cases centuries where doctors, scientists, and the general public discover and come to terms with the positives that the Cannabidiol plant has to offer. Discussions about how to implement it into your diet, does it work for everyone and all demographics, and how to choose the best CBD product.

The oil which is extracted by a carbon dioxide method allows for the least amount of sediment left at the end of the process. While this does take a little longer than other methods and is on the pricier side of the spectrum it is the most effective option and the results are more concentrated.

Read this interesting article on the subject here https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/4-co2-carbon-dioxide-extraction-considerations-cannabis-hemp/ and see a more in-depth explanation about how the whole process works.

We are always learning and the more we do the better, especially considering this is an ingredient that, although natural, we are putting into our system.

What we do know is that the genetic makeup of the CBD flower and plant is similar to the cannabinoid receptors found naturally in our body. Thus making it a great match for regulating and maintaining the pulses sent to and from the neuro system responsible for mood, morale, and overall well-being.

Age-defying beauty.

When I was young I loved seeing grannies walking down the street with their hair done, clothes put together like they know what they’re doing (unlike some of us) but what always intrigued me was the fact that despite the evolution and advancement of makeup and how society portrays a person should wear makeup they seamlessly looked polished.

The face of an older generation naturally looks like it has had a great life, from laugh wrinkles to smile lines, I want it all.

I overheard a conversation one day while sitting on a train headed for home and these two grandmothers were talking about a newfound love for a face oil. I edged closer wondering who would want to put oil on their skin, never mind their face, and was astonished to hear that it was an oil extracted and made from a CBD plant tincture (read about it in this link).

Rushing in the door when I got home I logged onto the search engine on my laptop and discovered that CBD was a relative of the marijuana family, I couldn’t believe that these grannies were using ‘weed’ products.

Hours later after researching and reading every fact I could find on CBD the features that kept popping up with regards to makeup association was that it had multiple health benefits.

More importantly, was that its genetic makeup contained essential antioxidants which significantly reduce free radicals in the skin and thus the loss of collagen – responsible for skin maintaining its firmness and youthful appearance. I was sold. Any product offering that many positives without the need for chemicals was a yes in my book.


The right product.

Armed with an arsenal of knowledge I began my CBD supplier homework, reading customer comments and reviews on the many webpages, checking for sources of origin to ensure it was being ethically processed, and stumbled across several reputable suppliers.

You ideally want a firm that has been in the business for many years, this gives you peace of mind that they not only know what they are doing and people believe in them, but that they have a quality product.

Looking for a product suited to fit within my busy lifestyle and accommodate my health needs, CBD oil cheefbotanicals ticked the boxes needed to trial my potential CBD morning routine. I noticed a change within a mere few weeks and with an overall fresher complexion I gained my confidence back.

I rave about it to anyone and everyone about the health advantages that come with such an unknown plant (more facts discovered and documented daily, however) and have never looked back.

I feel my mood has improved, the pain-free mornings are a joy to look forward to, and my renewed sense of energy has given me the quality of life I was looking for all along. Win-win.

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