The 4 Best-Selling Collections of TAG Heuer

The 4 Best-Selling Collections of TAG Heuer

The path to success of TAG Heuer was not easy and fast but it was worthwhile. It took the company over a century to reach where it is today through its grit, determination, and commitment to innovation. It is a popular luxury brand that is one of the trend-setters in the industry instead of becoming the company that follows the footsteps of its competitors. It commits itself to provide timepieces with impressive and one-of-a-kind quality and craftsmanship. 

TAG Heuer made great contributions to the development of horology. That is why most watch collectors recommend it for people who are planning to enter the world of luxury watches. If you are looking for a timepiece that would never crack under pressure, then get one from TAG Heuer. To get to know about this respectable watch, keep on reading. 

How did TAG Heuer start? 

A lot of people only know TAG Heuer as the brand that produces interesting sports and professional dive watches, such as the Autavia Carrera and TAG Heuer Aquaracer. But not everyone is aware of its rich history including its humble beginnings. To appreciate the models that you are about to buy, you have to make a conscious effort to get to know the history behind its success today. 

The company started operating in 1860

The company started operating in 1860 when Edouard Heuer, the founder, decided to open his first workshop in Switzerland. The original name of the company was Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG or Heuer Manufacturing Inc. It first caught the attention of the large population of watch collectors and enthusiasts when Heuer released his first chronograph in 1882. It even reached a wider audience when he launched the oscillation pinion in 1887 which watchmaking companies still used up until today.

The start of TAG Heuer’s link with the world of motorcars

It was in 1911 that the company received the patent of the first dashboard chronograph which paved the way for the company to have a strong link with the world of motorcars. It had two large hands on top of the center pinion where you can see the time of the day. It also featured a small pair of hands on top of the 12 o’clock position to tell the length of the trip up to 12 hours. The company designed it in such a way that would be helpful for automobile and aircraft drivers to accurately check the time no matter where they are. 

3 years after it received its first dashboard chronograph, it then manufactured its first wrist chronograph. It had a very unique design as the crown was on top of the chronograph. When Edouard Heuer died, his son, Charles-Auguste replaced him who then led the company to greater heights. Under his management, it released accurate timepieces namely the Mikograph and Semikrograph in 1916 and followed by Carrerra in 1936. 

The best-selling TAG Heuer Collections

  • Monaco

This Monaco can give you both aesthetics and technical prowess with its impressive waterproof and automatic chronograph movements with a squared-shaped case. Aside from that, its all-black appearance including the dial and strap allows it to stand out when worn on any kind of occasion. It contains timepieces with a case size ranging from 37 mm to 39 mm and a water resistance of up to 100 m. They are all great additions to your collection because of their iconic and retro design. 

The most sought-after model in this collection is the TAG Heuer Monaco 1969 which has a crown on the left side and a caliber 11 movement. It became an iconic timepiece when the public saw that the famous Steve McQueen wore it in his 1970’s film entitled Le Mans. 

  • Aquaracer

The Aquaracer is a collection of watches that can withstand severe conditions underwater. It takes pride in having a pressure-resistant case, ultra-bright luminescent markers, and an easy-grip unidirectional rotating bezel. Knowing these features, it is perfect for people who love to do some underwater adventures from time to time. It has a sporty yet modern design with high functionality so you can show it off to your friends. You can choose from models with 27 to 43 mm case size with up to 30 m water resistance. 

You may purchase the Aquaracer x Bamford if you want an investment watch that can show the bold heritage of the company and Bamford’s innovation. It features an ultra-modern design, grade 2 titanium, and a diving extension on the bracelet.  There are only 1500 pieces of this model worldwide. 

  • Link

The Link features a sleek and sophisticated and comfortable design that no one can resist. It is perfect for you if you love minimalistic Swiss-made watches with a touch of elegance. It is an everyday timepiece that boasts a super comfortable and stylish bracelet that you can’t find in any other collection. There are versions with only 32 mm case size but there are also those with 43 mm case diameter. Both with resistance to water with a depth of up to 100 m. This wide range of options allows it to cater to almost all watch enthusiasts. 

The top choice in this collection is the TAG Heuer Link diamond watch because of its luxurious look. You will fall in love with its dazzling diamond dot hour markers, matt finished bracelet, and baby blue pearl dial. 

  • Connected

If you prefer timepieces with high craftsmanship and smart technology, then get one from this collection. It is customizable which means that you can request a design that you currently have in mind. In terms of case sizes, you can choose from 41 mm to 45 mm. All of them have up to 50 m water resistance. 

If you are a keen golfer, you might want to consider buying the Connected Gold Edition. It has the same features as the original model but with extra details. It is the only model with a special ceramic gold bezel, accelerometer, and gyroscope complications to address the demands of golfers.

In a Nutshell 

The rich history and highly recognizable models of TAG Heuer allowed the company to occupy a large space in the watchmaking industry. You will not regret buying from any of the listed collections above. Head over to WatchShopping now to make a purchase!

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