The Benefits Of Giving

The Benefits Of Giving

When it comes to giving gifts, most people think about graduations, birthdays, holidays, and so forth. It is widely expected that a gift should be given for holidays and major events. However, there are also many benefits to giving that will make you want to keep giving. The King’s College knows the many benefits of giving for both the giver and recipient. 

There are numerous reasons for giving gifts. It improves your overall physical and mental health, lifts your spirits, and builds stronger connections. So what is preventing you from waiting until there is a special occasion for you to give someone you really care about a thoughtful gift? Sometimes the gifts that are given just because end up being the most meaningful ones.  

When buying gifts for other people, you benefit yourself along with benefiting them with a great gift. Check out the following benefits of giving to capitalize on all of the good reasons for giving no matter what the occasion or time of year. 

  1. Creates Stronger Connections

There is a reason why one of the five love languages is gift-giving. When you give someone a gift you have a tendency to feel closer to them and they will feel more connected to you also. That is due to the fact that a thoughtful gift can strengthen the bonds for people near you or reduce the distance between friends who are far away. 

Connecting with individuals through gift-giving provides your relationship with a boost and builds trust, so give a friend a thoughtful gift when you are wanting to enjoy having a strong friendship. 

  1. Increases Your Happiness

It is such a great feeling to see a person’s face light up with excitement or pure joy when they receive your gift. Giving gifts actually releases “feel-good” chemicals inside the brain such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins. So that’s why everybody feels great during the holiday season. 

It is referred to as “helper high” and is common in people who give to charity or volunteer frequently. So the next time that you want to give your mood a boost, try giving something to someone, whether it is a random act of kindness, a favor, or a gift. 

  1. Builds Confidence

Whenever you become happier and create stronger connections, it gives you a boost in your sense of self-worth and confidence. It has been shown by research that people who frequently decide to give on their own have higher self-esteem compared to individuals who do not. When giving to others it is difficult to ignore that giving definitely has some benefits when you feel confident, secure, and happy.

  1. Spreads the Love

Whenever one individual gives, others are inspired to do the same thing. Although it is great to give gifts such as a new hat or T-shirt to your best friend, try giving to somebody you have not spoken to in a really long time, a neighbor, or a stranger to spark inspiration for them to want to give to others. 

When performing an act of kindness, a card can be left to encourage others to give and help spread the love around. 

  1. Don’t Blow Your Budget

Of course, it can be great to give a lavish gift, but it depends on what the occasion is. If you are giving a gift just because, then the best way to go is with a simple but thoughtful gift. Beide, an overly-generous gift can overwhelm someone. Sometimes the gifts that are the most appreciated are those that are the least expected and most simple.  

Some good ideas include a bundle of interesting stickers that can be used for decorating their hydro flask or laptop case or a handwritten postcard from a vacation you recently took. There are endless possibilities. 


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