The Benefits Of Remote Working For You & Your Employees

The Benefits Of Remote Working For You & Your Employees

When many people talk about working remotely, they only think about how it can benefit the employee and not the employer. Other people think about the other way around, but it is possible for both parties to benefit from this and it is growing in popularity all the time. Due to the unique situation that we have all found ourselves in for the past two years, the whole world has changed and now many staff are working remotely and working from home. Many businesses have reported that they have made huge cost savings by adopting this new way of working and they are also reporting high levels of staff motivation and less staff turnover. It has allowed them to employ people from all over the world who wouldn’t otherwise have relocated to their head office.

In order for remote working to work, it requires essential IT support that will ensure everyone is connected and that your business will not experience any downtime. Working remotely and working from home has become the new normal and people are enjoying having to only go to the office 2 to three times a week instead of the usual five or six. Remote working provides many benefits for both employer and employee alike and we will explore just a couple of them here today.

* More freedom & flexibility – Due to the fact that people are working remotely or are working at home, they can plan their working day around their home life as well. It doesn’t mean that they won’t be doing the office hours that are expected of them but also allows them to have a degree of flexibility that can allow them to do day-to-day things that they would otherwise miss out on. It is very freeing to not always have to ask your boss for permission to do something and when an employer allows this type of freedom to its employees, it helps to build trust and increases staff motivation. Having the necessary IT support in place allows all of this to happen.

* It saves money – For employees having to commute to the office, it could take up to an hour a day to get there and then another hour to get back home again. They have to pay for the fuel for the car or the rail ticket as well as spending money for lunch and the odd cup of coffee. Remote working allows everyone to save on these expenses and it can add up quite a lot of money over the course of six months. For employers who do provide childcare facilities, this allows them to save a lot of money as well because parents will be working from home and so can take care of their own children. The right IT support also keeps these IT systems secure.

It has been found that employees who work remotely are better able to manage their time better. As long as they are meeting their deadlines, it really shouldn’t matter when they decide to work because some people are morning people and some people are afternoon people. These are the times when they work best and allowing them this flexibility is beneficial for them and for the company as well. There is no need to travel to company meetings because it can all be done using modern technology.

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