Parashara Light – The Best Online Vedic Software for Upcoming Astrologers

Parashara Light – The Best Online Vedic Software for Upcoming Astrologers

With the advent of online technology, all aspects of our lives have had an impact on the same. Astrology is no exception to this and to cater to the same, online Vedic software is available for upcoming astrologers. Among the leading online Vedic software Parashara Light holds a special significance.

Let us list down some of the key aspects of Parashara Light which make it the best.

Horoscope matching made easy

With Parashara, horoscope matching has been made easy and any upcoming astrologer can match the Kundali of two people of the opposite sex so that they can lead a prosperous life. Horoscope matching through Parashara also provides insight into the martial life and showcases the challenges that might arise in a person’s life at a later stage.

Know about Mangal Dasha

With Parashara Light astrologers can find out whether their client is Manglik. Mangal Dasha can lead to numerous problems in life and Parashara offers solutions for this problem. The remedies that are offered here give you instant relief from Mangal Dasha.

Know about Dasha System

Based on the planetary cycle, Parashara also offers the basics of the Dasha system. This helps in the prediction of important events in life such as any career change, birth in the family and other important events like marriage.

Find your Lagana

A person’s life and well-being are dependent on multiple factors. These include health, behavior and circumstances in life. Parashara Light helps in identifying the Lagana and takes steps in life which make it better. Upcoming astrologers can benefit from it and learn to find Lagana and guide people on their well being.

Get your personalized Horoscope

Astrologers can use this particular software to predict the future life of their clients. They can prepare detailed reports with the help of this software and predict the auspicious occasions within the lives of their clients and warn them about the approaching bad times along with appropriate remedies. This way, astrologers can guide people in real-time and make them aware of the happenings in their life beforehand.

Preparation of Varshphal

Parashara Light can be used to prepare Varshphal. Astrologers can offer precise life predictions for the upcoming year based on the birth date and month of their client and offer appropriate way outs to get rid of the inauspicious happenings in an efficient manner.

Know the Kalsarp Dasha

Astrologers can detect Kalsarp Dasha within the Kundli of their client with the help of this software. A person, if he or she has committed some heinous crimes in the previous birth often suffers from physical, mental and financial ailments in the other life. The astrologers can read about the effects of Kalsarp Dasha and predict appropriate remedies for this ailment.

Easy to use Muhurta Calculator

An important event in an astrologer’s life is to find out Muhurta for people’s weddings. The Muhurta calculator offered by Parashara Light enables them to find the best possible combination for people and bring happiness in their life.

Know about the career prospects

This software also allows astrologers to predict the career prospects of people who come to them for suggestions.  The software predicts with certainty the career prospects that people can choose for making their professional life better.

A reference guide for budding astrologers

Parashara is indeed a reference guide for all budding astrologers. They can learn new Vedic astrology terms with help of this software. The astrological term related to the astrologers’ chart is also displayed in the software and they can learn from their personal experience and make it applicable for people to whom they give guidance and suggestion.

User Friendly

Any product is successful only when it is user-friendly and the same applies to Parashara Light too. Budding astrologers can create, save and print their charts with ease in Parashara.

Customizable Charts

Some people want the charts to be prepared in such a manner so that they look attractive. Parashara also offers this facility and astrologers can customize the look of their chart by creating attractive borders. Astrologers also get to choose between the North and South Indian chart styles to meet the preferences of their clients.

Moreover, Parashara also offers personalized technical support through phone and email which makes things easy for new astrologers. They also receive a free subscription to the monthly online magazine through which they can keep themselves updated on the developments in the world of astrology.

We hope that the article was useful and elaborated points were helpful enough to make you understand why Parashara Light is termed as the best online Vedic software for upcoming astrologers.

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