Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Apps [Tested] – Results Are Shocking

Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Apps [Tested] – Results Are Shocking

Every passing year we witness new trends in technology. New and new innovations in mobile phones have already made it clear that the tech world is ever-evolving. Today, around 2 billion people around the world use Android smartphones. The use of smart devices has no doubt made our lives easier. But at the same time, personal cell phones and online space opened the door for cyber predators to attack us.

Unfortunately, the most vulnerable among us are juveniles. Though, businesses are also not safe from online threats.

No worries, as now you can secure the online space of your loved ones using cell phone spy apps.

Top 3 Cell Phone Spy Apps [Tested] – Results Are Shocking

To help you find the best phone spy app, we have come up with top mobile monitoring solutions in 2021.

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. FlexiSpy
  3. XnSpy

Let’s review these top cell phone spy apps in terms of functionality, features, pricing, and other qualities.

TheWiSpy Cell Phone Monitor:

Price: Starts from $9.99

TheWiSpy is the best mobile spy app in the online world. It is an easy-to-use mobile monitoring app that offers quality spying features to extract everything from a target device. TheWiSpy is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets.

Here are some of the qualities of TheWiSpy app that made it stand out in the online market.

Online Dashboard:

TheWiSpy helps you monitor any device with remote access. There is no need to install any extra app on your phone as you can open TheWiSpy dashboard from any web browser.

No Complicated Process:

It only takes 5 minutes to install TheWiSpy app. Unlike other phone spyware, TheWiSpy does not require you to root your target device. Rooting is somehow needed to activate advanced features, but the majority of TWS features can be enjoyed without rooting the target phone/tablet.

24/7 Alerts:

TheWiSpy keeps you updated with the digital activities of your target device all the time. The app sends you 24/7 alerts on each mobile activity so that you can not miss anything happening on your target device.

Real-time Monitoring:

In contrast to other cell phone monitoring apps, TheWiSpy delivers seamless spying features in real-time. The app is entirely functional and has what it claims.

Data Security:

TheWiSpy is a secure and reliable app. The service provider has strict privacy policies that ensure data safety for its users. Also, TWS does not store any of the users’ personal data on its servers.

TheWiSpy’s Cell Phone Monitoring Features:

When it comes to spying capabilities, TheWiSpy app exceeds in delivering plenty of useful features. Here are some of the key features of TheWiSpy app.

Call Monitoring – It records phone calls and call logs. You can listen to the recorded conversation and monitor call history details secretly.

Location Tracking – It actively tracks the GPS of your target device and delivers a detailed report on the live location and location history of the target device.

Remote Cam Spying – It is a camera bug that hacks the mobile cam giving full access to the front and back camera of your target device.

Screen Recording – It records the screen activities. You can record the screen of the target device and monitor everything happening on it.

Text Message Monitoring – It tracks the sent and received text messages. You can read all the text chats and monitor contact details with dates and timestamps of the recorded messages.

Multimedia Monitoring – It lets you spy on all the multimedia files saved on your target device. You can monitor photos, videos, voice notes, and other media documents remotely.

Surround Recording – It is a mic bug that lets you hack the microphone of the target device. Using such a feature, you can listen to all the surrounding noises and ambient sounds secretly.

TheWiSpy is a hidden app to spy on cell phones. It stays undercover and does not let the target user know about the spying activities.

FlexiSpy Phone Spy App:

Price: Starts from $29.95

FlexiSpy is another powerful spyware app in the competition of TheWiSpy app. Loaded with many spying features, FlexiSpy gives you a clear picture of the digital activities of your target phone/tablet. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. FlexiSpy is an easy-to-use app for both parental and corporate use.

FlexiSpy Phone Spy App Features:

Feature-wise, FlexiSpy is famous for delivering advanced and robust features to monitor almost every digital device. The spyware is jam-packed with the latest spying qualities to provide complete access to your target device.

Phone Call Interception – It helps you intercept live phone calls you that you can listen to ongoing calls in real-time.

Phone Call Recording – You can record the phone calls and listen to the recorded files whenever you want. It also provides complete information on call logs, contact details, timestamps, and dates.

Environment Recording – It allows you to listen to the ambient sounds by secretly turning on the microphone of the target device. You can listen to background noises and even conversations with such a feature.

RemCam – It is a remote camera monitoring feature that enables you to turn on the camera of the device you wish to monitor. You can capture as many random photos as you want and discover the surroundings of your target phone/tablet.

RemVid – It is a video camera bug that enables you to record short videos using the back and front camera of your target phone/tablet. You can explore everything happening around your target device.

IMs Tracking – You can track instant messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. FlexiSpy instant messenger tracking helps you monitor calls, messages, and shared media files remotely and secretly.

Other Features – FlexiSpy offers a wide range of monitoring and spying features, including GPS tracking, geo-fencing, browsing activity tracking, and many others.

XnSpy Mobile Spy App:

Price: Starts from $29.99

XnSpy is a go-to monitoring app for parents and employers. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and delivers an array of advanced spying features. XnSpy user interface is innovative and easy to use. The app takes only 3-4 minutes to get installed on the target device.

Here are the details of XnSpy top-selling features;

Call Monitoring – Monitor call logs and record incoming and outgoing calls remotely. Listen to all the dialed and received telephonic conversation without letting the target user know.

Text Message Tracking – It enables you to track text messages. You can monitor sent, received, and draft text messages using the XnSpy app.

GPS Tracking – Now, track the whereabouts of your loved ones using the GPS tracking feature of the XnSpy app. Track down the pinpoint and location history of your target phone secretly.

Geo-fencing – It enables you to create boundaries on an electronic map. You can mark safe and unsafe localities and get notification alerts whenever your target device user enters the prohibited zone.

WhatsApp Monitoring – XnSpy WhatsApp monitoring is one of the best and most demanded features. It allows you to track WhatsApp chats and shared multimedia files. You can also monitor WhatsApp calls remotely and secretly.

Other Features – XnSpy offers flawless features to monitor mobile devices. Other features include; call logs monitoring, multimedia monitoring, email tracking, and many others.

The Final Verdict:

Like a spying agent, a mobile spy app records all the digital activities of your target device and provides you with a comprehensive report on recorded details.

Spy apps are pretty notorious for providing people the ability to invade someone’s privacy. Such a shady reputation makes people not trust such software. Well, we must clear the air here by telling you that you can use spy apps for legitimate purposes.

There are usually three reasons why would a person need a spyware app;

  1. To monitor kids.
  2. To track employees.
  3. To backup personal data.

It is tricky to pick up the right spy app as there are so many options available online. Without proper research, you may end up purchasing an app that is nothing but a scam.

So, be careful while choosing a mobile phone monitor for either kid’s monitoring or employee surveillance.

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