Top 4 cryptocurrencies in summer 2021: what to expect

Top 4 cryptocurrencies in summer 2021: what to expect

Summer is going to be a hot season not only because of the weather. Digital money is lighting the fire among investors all over the world. Nowadays there are thousands of altcoins in which you could invest. Some of them are well-known, while others are not. Not only leading virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, are worth investing in. Less known undiscovered gems quite often have the highest yield potential.

Which cryptocurrencies are going to explode and make a splash in the world of finances? Read on to discover.

Binance coin BNB

Binance, which debuted in July 2017, is considered one of the world’s largest crypto platforms. By striving to push digital currency to the forefront of global financial activity.

Binance got its name from the fusion of two words, Binary Finance, which aims at representing a brand-new paradigm in global economics.

Not only the Binance sits on the top of crypto exchanges. As well, the platform has launched a huge ecosystem of products for clients. Binance’s network comprises the Binance Chain, Academy, Trusted Wallet, and Research projects, all of which use blockchain technology to bring new-age finance to the world.

Binance coin represents a virtual currency issued by Binance, a world-known crypto platform. Even though the digital currency is vulnerable to market volatility, Binance Coin (BNB) has attracted a large number of investments in 2020.

Its price has risen to $370 (higher than predicted) and is expected to reach $400 very soon.

PancakeSwap, a DeFi farming protocol, officially unveiled the addition of new liquidity pools for yield farmers to earn on staked Binance Coin. It provides them with significant opportunities to generate large sums of money by staking BNB tokens. As a result, with investment funds growing and prices reaching new highs, the BNB token will be one of the cryptos to watch in 2021.


AAVE, one of several developing DeFi digital currencies, is a decentralized financing system that gives users the possibility to lend, borrow, and make a profit on the virtual currency without the use of a middleman. AAVE, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, is a smart contract platform that helps these holdings to be maintained by a distributed computer network running its software. This means that AAVE users do not have to rely on a specific institution or individual to control their financial resources.

At its core, the AAVE software allows users to elaborate lending pools in which they can lend or borrow 17 various virtual cryptos such as ETH, BAT, and MANA.

Borrowers in Aave, like those in other decentralized lending systems on Ethereum, should post collateral till they can borrow. Furthermore, they are only permitted to borrow up to the value of the collateral they post. Borrowers get funds in the form of an aToken, linked to the price of another item. This token is then encrypted, allowing lenders to benefit from deposits.

Twitter users are extremely supportive of AAVE coin after observing the Ethereum exchange rate today. With the currency’s price reaching $79.57, it is emerging as one of the most trusted altcoins for the coming years. It is intended to carry well during the year 2021, with a price prediction of $156.9 in January 2021. This optimistic price sentiment is one of the factors why Twitter users are going crazy for this crypto token. AAVE is one of the fastest-growing DeFi projects. Namely, major investors Blockchain Capital and Standard Crypto have recently invested a $25 million funding round. AAVE also represents a decentralized borrowing and lending distributor.

Basic Attention Token BAT

The co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, Brendan Eich, designed BAT as an attempt to advance the security, openness, and reliability of digital ads via the use of blockchain technology.

BAT is the Brave web browser’s native token which operates on Ethereum. BAT’s white paper was issued in January 2018. In 2020, the project was still under elaboration. However, a beta version of the Brave browser is free to download.

Companies are seeking new ways of applying these technological innovations to older problems and issues, such as internet browsing and web-based ads, as blockchain and digital currencies.

BAT will be among the most intriguing altcoins to burst in 2021. Brave is the corporation that established the cryptocurrency. BAT  is a coin based on the ERC20 protocol. For the past year, BAT and its economic climate have been in a bullish phase. The number of clients and coverage is expected to grow rapidly over time.

Whereas an ERC20 token is easy to create, it can benefit from Ethereum’s strong security.

One of the main financial experts, Crypto Ground, anticipated that BAT would achieve $0.9139 in 5 years. Being in a bearish phase, Basic Attention Token suffered much less than other coins usually do. In such a way, BAT gives investors hope that the price won’t fall in the event of severe turbulence.

BitTorrent (BTT)

BTT is a blockchain-based TRC-10 utility token that gathers functionalities of the world’s most popular decentralized protocols and applications. BitTorrent Speed, BitTorrent File System, DLive, and others are among the DApps controlled by BTT.

Justin Sun was the one who purchased the project’s streaming platform, and the Tron foundation decided to buy the BitTorrent platform in 2018 for $140 million. BitTorrent is becoming more prevalent as a streaming platform, and if Tron continues to grow, new capabilities for BTT may emerge.

The Tron protocol features the BTT token, and members of the file-sharing platform are remunerated in BTT for sharing files. The coin experienced a massive price increase as a result of the forthcoming addition to the DLive streaming community. DLive is a blockchain platform for developers and viewers of content.

To sum up

It’s quite hard to predict which virtual currency explodes next. However, we have disclosed to you the list of five digital assets which are like to be profitable for you this summer, according to the analysts. So be watchful and follow the charts!

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