Top 8 Free PDF Password Remover Online 2021

Top 8 Free PDF Password Remover Online 2021

There may be a valid explanation why you kept adding passwords on your PDF files or why your coworker put some defense to their PDF files. But how can you quickly unlock these types of PDFs without having to download programs that are inconvenient and take up storage space? Continue reading to learn more about the right website to use.

Let us first go over the key factors for securing PDF files. The PDF files must be protected, particularly if they include sensitive data or if you want to send an agreement to anyone via email without them removing something from the arrangement. It is also often locked to guarantee that only those who need to see the records have exposure to the register. The reasons for locking your PDF can vary depending on why you would want it locked and secured. Now, let’s go to the top destinations for PDF unlocking.


Accessing a PDF password is as simple as inserting it into the PDF files. You may want to apply a PDF unlock function to certain files so that you can open them instantly without having to enter a password every time, or for another legitimate purpose.  Unlocking your PDF files has become more convenient with online platforms such as PDFBear. PDFBear provides a variety of resources for your PDF requirements, all of which are simple and easy to use.

2.Sejda Online

Sejda is a completely functional online tool. This platform has a couple of features, including the ability to delete the user password and open passwords on your document. Aside from that, it can merge PDF, split PDF, delete pages, extract pages, crop PDF, add headers and footers, convert, and create PDF files. It has an easy user interface and enables you to drag and drop data into the software. This website is multilingual and promotes languages such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch, and others.

3. Aimersoft

Aimersoft offers a PDF password remover which is another collaborative online tool. You can upload a locked PDF file of less than 5MB to this site. The owner passwords that prevent you from accessing PDF files are then removed. It also eliminates the user password, which allows printing, copying, and editing PDF files difficult. This website is free to use and keeps the PDF file for 24 hours before clearing it.


PDF unlock is a user-friendly PDF unlock online portal that helps you to upload and erase passwords from locked files on your device, Google Drive and Dropbox. After downloading the file, you can decrypt it with a single click. There is a safe link inside the web if there is confidential data that you do not want to spill. This website also can combine, break, encrypt, secure, and preserve PDF files.


Another platform that safely unlocks your PDF files is Smallpdf. The drag-and-drop feature is available on the official website. It also helps you to unlock, combine, split, transform, and secure PDF files from Google Drive and Dropbox. Afterward, you can easily and simply download your PDF file.

You can also delete any limitations from your PDF file using It allows you to remove open and user passwords from PDF files. You can also use this powerful online tool to turn, import, generate, merge. and break PDF files. You can also use its OCR feature to render image-based PDFs editable. This website is straightforward and easy to navigate.

7.PDF crack

PDF crack is a free and open-source application (GPL) for retrieving content and passwords from PDF files. It can break both user and owner passwords, as well as using brute force passwords and wordlists. It is a command-line interface that supports both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7, XP, and Vista operating systems. This is one of the quickest methods for cracking pdf codes.


Guapdf guarantees that all constraints will be removed from the PDF, regardless of the form of coding employed. It is compatible with the most recent PDF 1.7 Extension Level 8 files, including compressed files, unencrypted metadata, Unicode passwords, and AES encryption.  It’s a lightning-fast piece of software with a 40-bit key scanning strategy that’s tailored for the new AMD architecture and Intel Core. Guapdf is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are also supported.  After unlocking the PDF, you can access it in any PDF reader and activities such as copying, editing, printing, and so on.

In A Nutshell

Online PDF password remover is helpful, but they have some drawbacks that can cause you to seek other options. For starters, the file sizes that can be tolerated are extremely small. Some sites allow you to upload a document that is no larger than 5MB, while others restrict you to 50MB. Second, some websites do not allow group PDF decryption. Finally, others could refuse to delete the owner’s keys, which raises the risk of confidential data being spilled. Overall, as long as it helps you with your PDF tasks, it is good to go.

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