Top Programming Courses During Lockdown

Top Programming Courses During Lockdown

Are you passionate about the tech field? There are many courses in technology one can develop an interest in. One of the fields in demand is programming. When a pandemic happened, it was a challenge for students to keep up with their career objectives. There were several restrictions, one of them being lockdown. The situation forced schools to close. However, this doesn’t imply that if you have passion in the programing field, you stop learning until further notice. There are several ways to keep up with the studies even in tough times. You can get a paper written to understand several measures students can take to achieve their career objectives. Meanwhile, you can enroll in any of the following courses to fulfill your programming objectives.

Courses at Codecademy

At Codecademy, you will get pro-level courses and basic courses. It all depends on your requirements. There are free courses while you must subscribe to access others. Below are the lessons available at Codecademy.

  • Learn Python 2

Python is among the top languages used in programming. It is recommended for beginners because it is easy to read and interpret. With the Python programming language, you can develop a simple web app and complex applications. When you enroll to learn the python 2 course, you will learn all the programming basics and some of the top languages experts use in their career field. You can follow this link to sign up for the course.

  • Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript a programming language many developers use. Most front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers use Java to accomplish different web and app development tasks. If you love programming and want to advance your knowledge, consider taking the Introduction to JavaScript course at With the course, you will learn more about managing requests and responses, storing information, and adding dynamic behavior when creating a website. Other units you will cover in the course include object-oriented programming, data types & structures, and functions. You will get all the knowledge on how to handle front-end and back-end web development.

  • Learn Go

Golang is Google’s open-source programming language. Many developers have developed interests in the language because of the advanced features and ease of use. Some of the big brands using the Go programming language include Slack, Medium, Twitch, and Pinterest. You can enroll in the course via

  • Learn Swift

Swift is a strong programming language that offers general purposes in the process of app or web development. Swift is developed by Apple for wathOS, tvOS, and iOS to improve the latest design and speed features. Developers dealing with applications on Linux rely on Swift for effective development. You can get the course at

CourseraProgramming Courses

Again, you can get good courses at Coursera free or at a subscription depending on the partner company or the university. Below are some of the best lessons you can get at Coursera.

  • Computer Science: Programming with a Purpose, Princeton

You will learn the basics of programming like arrays, variables, arrays, and loops, then turn them into concepts, then object-oriented programming. The course focuses on how to solve common computational problems by using the Java programming language. You will get the course for free, but there is no certificate once you finish. You can get the course at

  • Introduction to Programming with MATLAB, Vanderbilt

If you have a passion for programming yet have little or no experience, this course is appropriate. The course uses MATLAB programming language to teach computer programming. MATLAB programming language is used in different sectors like engineering, natural science, and finance. This means that the languages help professionals to solve different problems and it is easy to use. For even deeper understanding of programming, try oreding a paper from dissertation writing services. You can get the course at

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