Why email support is an important part of customer service?

Why email support is an important part of customer service?

Customer service has been around for a long time, even hundreds of years ago when buying and selling were performed through bartering. Customer service is simply honoring the customer who buys a product or service that you produced. In this day and time, customers have many options to choose from when buying. There is no single seller of a specific thing. A prime example would be the coronavirus vaccine. It was produced by one but quickly was available with many other vendors/sellers. This is the age of knowledge and information but not of secrets. Consumer items especially have substitute products to them. While high profile items such as fast cars do not.

There is a high demand for consumer goods and advancements in the area. Because of the disruptions in demand and supply with new products always coming out and old ones going out of fashion, customers need to be updated and kept in the loop with what is new and big. This falls under customer service and marketing responsibility to keep the customer updated.

It is also to serve the customer through thick and thin, whenever they face issues, and help them through the whole process of interaction. From Spectrum, charter bill pay is one such example of customer service going on in the USA, which the people tend to have a bias for. This could owe to the exceptional customer service they have which is always ready to help the customers.

Customer Service with Email –A New Norm

Email is an effective communication forum. Emails are easy and can fall both into formal and informal categories. You also do not have to wait for your message to pass since emails are fast. Email can also come in handy when you have an organization that has a large customer base while it keeps it organized with no clutter, which usually occurs in private messaging on social media forums.

There are also tracking and organizing tools available on email platforms for example recent emails, emails with no response, emails unread, or emails with multiple replies, etc. This is all possible on any major email platform like Gmail, which is easily available for both business and personal use. One of the best benefits of email is –tracking.

You can keep in touch with your customers and track all their queries. It is also the best for your safety and regulation. For example, a customer complains about not getting responses from your business on email or not getting the right support a year after when the customer had an issue and you had obliged. You can easily track the messages and give proof of your response to clear your reputation. Emailing has the power to keep a connection going if used in the best context. This is why email marketing now requires a special skill set of dealing in it.

How Much Does Email Matter?

Emails are now central to organizational tasks and thus no longer can be discarded or not used. This is mainly due to the use of mobile technology, which is ever rising. Even in 2011, a survey stated that 58% of people liked if an organization had email customer support options and found it interactive but not too imposing to use.

Thus, this channel of communication can prove to be useful in terms of customer service and insights about regular, loyal, and new customers. It is also a great place to prospect and reach out to new customers. This is especially the case with services where an organization has to focus more on informing and thus conversion such an NGO’s or social cause campaigners. This could also include other services like digital marketing, designing, or getting specialists for different jobs.

Email –Not As Easy-Peasy As It Seems

Managing email is not easy at all but is not impossible. Because this isthe main channel to communicate, there is a sheer amount of email to reply to and keep in check with. You need to not only have a trained professional look after your email but someone knowledgeable enough to respond and take initiative/actions on customer queries/questions or demands. Message escalation is important to be in a positive light as it shows that the process is smooth and the customer is satisfied.

This can end in a regular ending note or the customer can be issued a voucher against the complaint to shorten the process and get on with resolving the issues. Thus, email is not that easy to manage as a one-man ship but requires different people especially if the organization is large and has an extensive system of email customer support.

Last Thoughts

While email is a good option to keep a track of customer queries and questions. Overall, it is easy to resolve issues on email and is a great channel for communication. A bit is not enough when it comes to customer service. As it should be a mix such asan email, phone, live chat,etc. ranging for different issues. The more personalized and long-awaited issues can be handled on live chat or phone while long withstanding issues could be dealt with through email. This also depends on the product or service is catered to. However, email is the new norm and is not going out of customer service anytime soon.

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