Why We Still Need Wire Cutters

Why We Still Need Wire Cutters

Wire cutters are one of the most useful tools in your toolbox. Even though you might not think it, wire cutters are incredibly versatile and have a whole range of applications and can be useful to all sorts of professionals. In an age where precision is necessary, cutting off that excess wire to ‘tidy up’ a job – is the neat look that customers are going for.

Below you will find a guide to the many applications of wire cutters and how they are one of the most critical tools you could have in your toolbox.

They’re an Electrician’s Best Friend

We all know that electricians play with wires all day long, making connections, breaking connections and installing systems. None of this would be possible without a good pair of wire cutters. Wire cutters for electricians come in a variety of different sizes and versions. Some are cheaper, simple uni-functional cutters with a simple bladed edge and a straight edge, making cutting simple and easy. Other cutters come with a longer handle and a variety of different cutting widths for different sized wires. These cutters are of a higher price point and have a different range of applications.

If You’re Building a Chicken Coop

Chicken wire is tough material – it’s not just something you can slice up with a pair of scissors. You’re going to need a decent pair of cutters to cut through the chicken wire, when you shape it around your coop’s frame. A good pair of cutters is essential for farmers and commercial coop makers to have in their toolboxes for this very reason.

Nursery Keepers

For those who love trees and know how to keep them, you’ll know that a decent pair of cutters – specifically Bonsai cutters – is a necessary tool for a well-maintained tree! Trying to cut small tree limbs with insufficient, or uncomfortable cutters is painful for the hands and bad for the tree! You’ll need to make sure that, when you’re looking to purchase a pair of miniature cutters, that they have a small handle that fits easily in your hands, so as to avoid discomfort.

Bonsai cutters will also have a longer handle than traditional wire cutters, allowing you to reach into the tree without risking damage to and of the branches.

As A Wire Artist

There are plenty of artists who work with copper wire to build things – from necklaces to sculptures! These artists need a decent pair of wire cutters to efficiently and safely cut through copper wire, so as not to damage their piece. A decent pair of ‘side cutting’ wire cutters is all you need to make sure that you’re cutting properly.

As a Techie

One of the most important parts of building any computer is making the electrical connections. If you’re a techie who likes to build computers, and perhaps does this on a commercial basis, then you know that a decent pair of wire cutters is essential. Having a sharp pair of cutters will allow you to cut the wires you need at the precise length you need, without leaving a jagged edge.

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for wire cutters, still – despite the fact that they’re an older tool. Make sure you pick up your own pair of wire cutters that suits your need today.

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