Smart Startup Ideas: 5 Convincing Reasons to Start a Business in the Wastewater and Sewage Industry

Smart Startup Ideas: 5 Convincing Reasons to Start a Business in the Wastewater and Sewage Industry

When it comes to business ideas, some of the first things people come up with are restaurants, digital services, or e-commerce. In a world where being an Instagram influencer is a legitimate job, an honest day’s work is largely unpopular. Like, for example, sewer cleaning.

In reality, it’s invisible businesses like this that carve out the biggest slice of the market for themselves. So, if you’re struggling to come up with an original idea for your startup, here are five convincing reasons for starting a business in the global mammoth that is the wastewater and sewage industry.

Wastewater Treatment Is a $300 Billion Industry

Wastewater treatment is a global industry that is worth approximately $300 billion. Now, that’s hardly as impressive as fashion or healthcare, but it’s a fast-growing economy that is becoming more lucrative by the minute. By 2023, wastewater will be worth roughly $500 billion.

Meanwhile, in the United States, wastewater treatment revenues have more than doubled since the turn of the century, according to Statista’s reports. In 2018, the revenues amounted to $63 billion. In 2023, the average annual salary of a wastewater operator was $55,657.

You’ll likely earn a national average salary as an entry-level technician. As a business owner, you could be making much more than that. Either way, it’s decent pay.

Modern Equipment Can Do Your Dirty Job for You

For a long time, wastewater and sewage services were associated with unskilled labor and the lowest working class in society. Some of these prejudices have survived to this day.

The biggest prejudice about this industry is that it implies dirty work. Though this is true to some extent, it’s essential to understand that workers in the water and sewage industry use systems and machines that keep them at a safe distance from dirt, waste, and harmful substances.

Modern wastewater and sewage equipment includes a variety of solutions for municipal and other forms of waste management – from professional grease traps to pumper supplies.

Everyone Needs Wastewater and Sewage Services

Modern businesses need original ideas because today’s markets are overly saturated. That isn’t the case with the wastewater and sewage industry – it’s the industry for practical and hard-working people where you don’t have to compete for attention every single day.

One of the best things about starting a business in this industry is the simple fact that everyone needs wastewater and sewage services. Depending on your capital and business plans, you could begin to cater exclusively to homeowners or businesses and expand as you grow.

Budget-wise, you don’t have to hire a marketing strategist and spend a fortune building a brand. You can start small and open a Google My Business account with a description of your services and contact information so that people in your area can find you.

Growth and Stability Are (Practically) Guaranteed

Out of several things you need to do before your launch a new business, financial projections are by far the most important. It is estimated that you need roughly $50,000 in your savings account to start a small business in the water waste and sewage industry.

But once you get on your feet, the earning potential is enormous, even with all the overheads. The two most expensive parts of this endeavor are the equipment and storage space.

You’ll need a few other things besides the initial investment, like licenses and certifications. Look up necessary requirements with your local business advisor before you file a registration form. Starting a business is always hard work, but this industry offers growth and stability.

Wastewater Treatment is Key for the Environment

Wastewater is a massive pollutant. It’s not only that it can’t be reused, but it also puts the survival of the entire ecosystem in grave danger. So by deciding to join the wastewater treatment industry, you’re doing a giant favor to the environment. The planet needs wastewater treatment.

The grim reality of the global water crisis is that 771 million people lack access to clean water. The wastewater treatment industry has the task of turning that around by spreading awareness and doing what these businesses do best – recycling, the one thing we can’t live without.


The wastewater and sewage industry provides incredible business opportunities for entrepreneurs who gravitate towards practical, hands-on jobs that impact their community and the planet. If this sounds like you, this might be the answer to your startup question.

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