Best Ethernet Cable For High Network Connections

Best Ethernet Cable For High Network Connections

Best Ethernet Cable

Best Ethernet Cable: As great as wireless connections are, there’s no beating the speed or stability of a wired, Ethernet connection. Our popular cable for the job is the Vandesail LAN Network Cable. It’s a flat Cat 7 Ethernet cable that can operate at high-speeds, with shielding, and its low profile means it’s easy to route under carpets.

It’s not the only option out there, though. If you don’t need such high specifications, we have some recommendations for Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables too. Read on below to find the best Ethernet cable for you.

Best Ethernet Cable
Best Ethernet Cable

Best Ethernet Cable For Gaming

Mediabridge RJ45 Cat 5e Cable

The Mediabridge RJ45 Cat 5e cable comes with gold-plated connectors for that extra touch of style and more accurate data transfer reliability. It will transmit up to 1000Mbps and has very heavy duty snag-less molding connectors. I found the connectors very solid and they were very easy to insert and remove.

A drawback that I noticed was that the cable was kind of stiff; I had to manipulate it to go just the way I wanted it to. The price is very exact for this cable as well. I have noticed that cables similar to this can be very expensive in the stores locally.

Belkin 3ft Cat 5e Cable

This Belkin Cat-5e Snagless Patch Cable is also a very inexpensive and sturdy cable. It is so sturdy that my children tripping over it has never caused it to break or malfunction. It is pretty short at only 3 feet so make sure you know how much length you need before purchasing.

The company makes different sizes, so if you need a longer one, don’t fret. Something that I noticed since using this cable is that I have a full WiFi signal on my phone now when I would only ever have a couple of bars and it was always dropping.

Belkin Micra Digital 15ft Cable

This is another great product that gives you speeds of up to 1000 Mbps with universal RJ45 connectors so it can be hooked up to any device.

I was very impressed with how flexible the PVC cable jacket was; I had to twist and bend it to get it to run along the wall. I’ve had a lot of issues with cables slipping out when moving my laptop around, but this sturdy little thing stays put for sure.

Vandesail Cat7 High-Speed Ethernet Cable

This is a Cat7 cable. As such buying, this cable will ensure your network is set up with the newest standard of cable available. It also has the advantage of being flat which should make it easy to run through the home.

While this is undoubtedly an excellent cable, most people’s networks aren’t set up to see the benefit of Cat7 just yet. It is a little more expensive, especially if you have a lot of wiring to do.

Best Ethernet Cable For Streaming

TNP Cat7 Shielded Ethernet Flat Patch Network Cable

Supporting up to 600MHz of bandwidth and with data transfer speeds of up to 10 GB per second, these CAT7 cables provide reliable and high-performance connectivity. It is backward compatible with other CAT environments and comes with a molded RJ45 connector that fits in those ports.

Additionally, this cable has an ultra-slim and flat profile and is highly flexible making it ideal for use even through areas with limited space. Its connectors are also gold plated and come with Snagless molds to prevent corrosion, make them durable and provide maximum signal transfer over a secure connection.

Best Ethernet Cable For Streaming
Best Ethernet Cable For Streaming

Intel Cat7 Ethernet Cable 50 FT, White

With a flat design, this cable is designed to provide data transfer speeds of up to 10 GB per second. Its flat design and longer length ensure it can be used for multiple applications including server applications, video streaming and cloud computing among many other applications.

Moreover, this cable is compatible with CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6a applications and comes with molded RJ45 connectors that fit on these ports.

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable (50 Feet)

This Mediabridge CAT6 Ethernet cable provides reliable and faster data speeds over longer distances. It is compatible with CAT6 and CAT5 applications and comes with molded RJ45 connectors that fir on both ports.

Moreover, this cable provides 10 GB per speed data transfer rates which is 10 times faster than CAT5 cables and the cables are gold plated preventing corrosion and ensuring maximum signal transfer.

Best Ethernet Cable For Ps4

Vandesail CAT7 RJ45 Network Ethernet Cable

This PS4 ethernet cable is of the Cat7 category, meaning it is currently the only kind of cable that provides speeds up to 10 Gbps, even at distances of 100 meters. This cable, in particular, is a shielded and flat ethernet cable that you can use to surf the internet, watch movies and listen to music online and play high definition games without any lag.

Best Ethernet Cable For Xbox One

Best Ethernet Cable Cat 7

Cat 7 cables are one of the latest class to hit the market and allow for up 10 GB/s speeds. Vandesail’s 16-foot cable adheres to these standards and is backward compatible with older devices as well. Available in sizes from three feet right up to 164ft if you need it, this Cat 7 cable is perfect for most applications and the fact that it’s flat, means routing under carpets is super easy. Better yet, it’s available on Amazon at a reasonable price as part of a 2-pack, so you get double the cable for your money.

Cat6 Networking RJ45 Ethernet Patch Cable

This ethernet cable for PS4 can give network speeds up to 1000 Mbps at a distance of 100 meters, with the speed increase over distances shorter than 100 meters. Cables Direct Online made this cable which is a four-stranded unshielded twisted pair (otherwise known as UTP) cable of great quality. It delivers data to your network devices like IP cameras, routers, even gaming devices like PS4, PS3, at fast speeds.

UGREEN RJ45 Cat7 Networking Cord Patch Ethernet Cable

This ethernet cable for PS4 by Ugreen is among the best Cat7 cables available in the market these days. This cable has a bandwidth of approximately 600 MHz, allowing you to use any applications that require a high-speed data connection, including playing high-end games. You can easily connect this cable to any network port (LAN or WAN) to get high-speed internet on your PC.

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