Cybersecurity Practices That Protect Your Small Business

Cybersecurity Practices That Protect Your Small Business

Small businesses thrive for success so their main focus remains on the growing customers, improving their services, and making sure that their capital is enough to avoid bankruptcy. The most important thing that these businesses ignore is cybersecurity.

Being a cybercrime victim will destroy your business either it is a small or established one. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of the companies that are hit by cybercrimes go out of the market within six months of the attack. The average loss, reported by insurance carrier Hiscox in their 2019 report, is $200,000. That is an amount most startups cannot bear. If you want to know more about it, contact the research paper writing service to get this information.

For a small business, it is important to take necessary measures for cybersecurity to avoid such devastating consequences. Here are a few practices that every startup needs to adopt to keep themselves safe from cyberattacks.

Train Your Staff on Security Protocols:

Hackers try to exploit small companies because small organizations have limited resources for IT security. According to data revealed in 2019 by Accenture study, 43 percent of the cyberattack victims were small businesses while only 14 percent of them were prepared to protect themselves. As per McAfee’s study, only 30 percent of employees of the organizations receive cybersecurity training.

Small businesses need to take care of the cybersecurity despite a limited budget. Staff awareness about cybersecurity, the threat of attacks, and how to avoid them is the most important practice that every organization needs to do. Small businesses especially need to spend some money on a security expert that can train their employees to regularly back up their data, avoid suspicious links, update software, and ignore unsolicited requests.

Hacker-Proof Devices and Platforms:

Only in the first half of 2020, the fraudsters were able to steal bitcoins that are worth 24 million dollars. This is a staggering number but a small amount when considered in the grand scheme of things. The recent hacking of some famous twitter accounts such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, and other VIPs has shown that it can also damage the reputation of people along with monetary damages.

It is always better to store your valuable data off the grid and make a less online connection as it will reduce the possibilities of hacker or scammer access to the devices. Hackers have exploited the recent pandemic to their use by developing fake apps related to coronavirus function to access devices as well.

Anti-Virus and Anti Malware Software:

As small businesses have a limited budget that they can spend on IT security and experts, the best practice is to opt for low-cost solutions. These low-cost solutions are the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software that identify cyber threats. You can even use the google and Microsoft security features such as browser check, file encryption, and firewalls to protect your data.

All the software in the company should be up to date and run a weekly scan to keep things in check. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is another solution that is not an expensive one. It hides the IP of the user thus making it difficult for the hacker to track the user IP.

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