Daily Uses for Waterproof Tarps

Daily Uses for Waterproof Tarps

Lightweight waterproof tarps are very useful as rain gear to shield us from being soaked in rainwater. Over time, people have found tarps to be handy equipment for outdoor camping, covering things such as firewood, vehicles, and outdoor furniture against rainwater. People have come up with ingenious ways to use waterproof tarps to shield themselves and their property against water. Let’s explore the numerous ways you can make that waterproof tarp useful around the home and away from home.

Quick Temporary Shelter against Rain and Sunlight

When you’re out camping on a relatively calm day, when the weather threatens to change without warning, you can erect tarps as temporary shades or shelters for you and your family. Tarps can also add that extra protection to camping tents to avoid water seepage into the tents when it rains. You can also line the ground around your campsite using waterproof tarps. If you are going camping and your pick-up truck has to cover at the back, the waterproof tarp can come in handy for protecting your luggage at the back of the truck.

On Trucks

Tarps can be used as truck bed liners to aid in protecting equipment when moving them via truck. Additionally, you can use tarps to cover the whole truck when parked around the home or when the truck will take more than one day at a particular location. The waterproof tarps can also cover property such as bedding and clothing on trucks to protect them from wind and rain when moving.

Temporary Storage

When working on a project outside the house, a tarp can be erected to form a miniature tent or shelter that helps store working tools, supplies, and equipment to protect them from direct sunlight and damage from rainwater. The erected small tent can also provide a well-aerated shade for you whenever you feel tired and need to take a minute rest from the construction work.


Tarps can come in handy during emergencies around the home. Some emergencies that you may face in the home include:

  • A leaking roof
  • Sudden rain
  • Strong winds while working outdoors

Leaking Roof

It’s raining heavily, and then you notice a part of your roof is leaking, and the water could destroy your household furniture. The tarps can aid you in temporarily sealing a leaking roof and save the equipment from damage before calling in the roofing experts to fix the leak permanently. If you can’t seal the leak, you can use the tarp to cover your furniture to shield them from water damage. Waterproof tarps can also be used with a barrel to act as a rain catcher to help in water collection for watering your plants.

Sudden Rain

Property and equipment in the yard or basement that could be soiled by rain can be protected using waterproof tarps in case of sudden onset of rain. For example, tarps can help shield firewood and lawn furniture from the rain. You can visit a tarp direct online store for customized tarps for protection against sudden rain.

Strong Winds

You can erect your tarps to serve as a temporary barrier against the wind when working outdoors. Additionally, they can be erected as a temporary barrier or a wall that shields you or your home from the neighbors. However, you will need a vast tarp for this purpose.


Waterproof tarps can be used as a groundsheet to help insulate you and fellow campers against the damp ground. You can lay tarps over grass, dead leaves, or any other vegetation that provides comfort to lean over while protecting you against insects and tick bites out there.

Wet Weather Clothing

Waterproof tarps can be used to design military-style jackets attached with simple pins to protect you against the rain when outdoors. These tarps can also cover backpacks or any other bag strapped on your body because of their sheer size.

Fancy Shelters

You can use tarps to make fancy shelters for picnics and build short-term forts for your kids around the house.

Waterproof tarps can be modified for numerous uses around the home to cover firewood, line truck beds, water catchment, and shield against strong winds. Further, waterproof tarps can be used as wet weather clothing and fortifying camping tents against water leakage.

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