QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

Intuit product QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor is an instrument which is used to retrieve your corrupted organization file. It is also used to get rid of all the network and organization file issues within a few minutes. Whenever you are finding a problem in accessing the organization file, run QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor. This apparatus fixes all your problems without any delay. Although QuickBooks is an amazing finance management software, it comes along with several features. But there might be some problems which prevent you from working on this software. So there is no reason left to get worried. All these problems can be fixed with the help of QuickBooks File Doctor. This article will contain all the steps with the help of which you can easily download or use QuickBooks software.

Problems solved by QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

  • QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor fix 6000 series errors like 6000 82, 6000 77, 6000 305,6000 301, 6147, etc.
  • Used to resolve issues while accessing the organization files.
  • If you are seeing a blank list of clients, vendors, and employees.
  • Resolve H-series errors such as QuickBooks Error H101, H202, H505, H303.
  • It helps in eliminating networking problems.
  • When you are unable to approach a highly-corrupted organization file.

All these issues can be resolved with the help of QuickBooks File Doctor without wasting your time.

Some basic key points

  • First, check that you are using the previous version of QuickBooks File Doctor on your PC, then you should uninstall the older versions and download the current version of the QB desktop file doctor.
  • From the 2015 release version onwards, Intuit has inbuilt the File Doctor into the programs. Stop the normal working if you are notified with the execution of this instrument.
  • Inbuilt QB File doctor will fix 6000 errors with different status codes. It will also remove the damaged file that stops you from opening the organization file. This inbuilt tool is more specific.
  • If you use Windows 10 and are facing problems while installing it. Follow the steps given below in the blog.
  • This apparatus only works in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.
  • It is not applicable to QuickBooks for Mac.
  • It only works for files lesser than 2 GB.

Execute QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor

  • First of all, from the QuickBooks tool hub, click on the Company File Issues.
  • Then choose Run QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor.
  • Under Desktop File Doctor, find your organization file from the menu.
  • If it is not found, Browse and locate your organization file.
  • Now click on Check your file.
  • Press Continue to move further.
  • After that type your login credentials.
  • After that click Next to continue.
  • The scanning time is totally dependant on the size of your organization file.
  • It may take up to 5 minutes to completely scan the files.
  • Once the scanning is done, approach QB and your organization file.

Steps to download it manually

Here is a list of all the steps to download the QB File Doctor manually. They are as follows:

  • First, you should open the QB application.
  • Under the File menu, click on the Utility option.
  • Select Repair Organization File and Network Issues
  • After that click OK to again start the application with admin privileges.
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor icon to access it.
  • Then Continue further by clicking OK.
  • Next, log in to your organization file with admin credentials.
  • Now desktop file doctor will repair your organization file.
  • Choose the File Diagnosis Only from the Advanced Settings option.
  • When your PC notifies you with a message, then access your file.
  • Now verify the issues that need repair.

Major Drawbacks of QuickBooks File Doctor

Every coin has two sides like head and tail. Similarly, the QuickBooks File Doctor has also benefits and drawbacks. The major drawbacks are as follows:

  • As the scanning process typically depends on the size of the organization document. Therefore, it works only for documents of less than 2 GB.
  • If you want to upload or access the file, you should have to use high-pace internet connectivity.
  • Verify that you should be log in as the admin with sufficient rights.
  • If several versions of QB installed in your PC then perform the Network diagnosis.
  • Then the file repair service might not work properly.
  • If you have the QB Database Server Manager, then a QB file doctor is not useful for you.

What to do if your QBDFD has stopped responding?

Sometimes QB file doctor has stopped responding due to several reasons such as:

  • While making an attempt to brought back the organization file and it is unsuccessful.
  • Approaching the mismatch files.
  • QBDFD has stopped responding due to updating the organization files.
  • Changing the existing version of the organization files over a network.
  • During the installation mode, you may have left out a few system files.
  • Maybe the organization files are broken down.

Ways to solve this problem

1.Utilize Auto-Data Recovery Process

The auto-Recovery method is utilized to automatically identify the system files.  It may take a few hours after their creation. It is suggested to save the backup automatically in the ADR folder. The backup will remain for 12  to 24 hours or it may take time until you access the QB app. If the error still exists, you can opt for ADR to recover the files and retrieve them to its normal working.

  1. Again store the backup
  • Firstly, it is recommended to do a backup.
  • From the File >> Open or Restore Company >> Restore a backup copy.
  • Choose Local Backup >> Next.
  • Then from the menu, click on the backup file path.
  • Select the file.QBB extension and then move further by clicking on Open.
  • After that, select the Save option for again storing the files.
  • Click on Save As.
  • It will complete the storing process.

By following these ways, you can fix this problem and make full use of QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor.


From the above statements, it is clear that QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor is an instrument which is used to fix all the network problems and organization files issues. However, if you are dealing with the QB 6000 series and H-series error, then this tool will be very helpful to you. If you need instant help regarding QB, then you may contact us

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