What Is Rising Thunder? Explanation

What Is Rising Thunder? Explanation

Rising Thunder | What Is Rising Thunder?

Rising Thunder is a cancelled free-to-play fighting game developed by Radiant Entertainment. The game was originally released in alpha state in 2015 and developed on until March 2016, when the game closed following the acquisition of Radiant Entertainment by Riot Games. An open-source version of the game, entitled Community Edition, was released in January 2018.

Rising Thunder was a free-to-play fighting game that used simplified controls, in contrast to most 2D Fighting Games which utilize motion or charge commands. This was to make the game more accessible while still being deep and balanced, being capable of standing up to years of high level competitive play. There were eight buttons in total which consist of three normals, three specials, an Overdrive/Super, and a throw. Each character had a listed fighting style and level of difficulty.


The current build includes training mode, ranked match, and custom match. The game utilizes Tony Cannon’s signature GGPO3 as a rollback netcode, making sure that matches are lagless. The game will also auto-detect frames per second. Rising Thunder currently supports native Windows controllers (Xbox 360/Xbox One) as well as PC-compatible arcade sticks. Rising Thunder uses an Elo rating system to determine skill rating and has a level-like system for ranking tiers. The matchmaker juggles the three factors being the players skill rating, location and time spent in queue. This will allow players to experience the best match possible.

Rising Thunder Community Edition

Announced as a mini-Christmas miracle last December, Radiant Entertainment have officially released Rising Thunder: Community Edition, so people can continue playing the popular but short-lived fighter. This special edition of Rising Thunder comes in three parts: the client, an open source server, and a special goodie package.

The client is fairly self-explanatory; it’s the latest version that was available internally at Radiant, with some updates to allow offline play and the open source server. While it has had some basic tests, there will be bugs so don’t expect everything to run smoothly when you boot it up. Radiant have also bundled in the source code for Rising Thunder‘s UI, meaning dedicated modders can poke around and make improvements if they wish.


The open source server is a much improved version of the original one, making it easier to run and tinker with. It is only basic at present, with rudimentary matchmaking and two-player lobbies. If you add more than two players, it will just crash so don’t bother. Things like ELO, accounts and a progression system aren’t there yet, but Radiant are looking into potential FightCade integration for the future.

Rising Thunder Game

Cancelled indie fighting game Rising Thunder has been resurrected as an open-source release, the developer has announced. In a post on Reddit, the Rising Thunder team said their intent is “to give the game back to you guys, the community, and let you run with it.”

The game was cancelled in 2016 during its alpha phase but developer Radiant Entertainment will be releasing the game in January under its new name Rising Thunder: Community.

Rising Thunder Riot

As you may have heard, Rising Thunder, the experimental fighting game from Radiant Entertainment, has been shut down. It was an interesting game, fusing elements of MOBAs into the tried and true Street Fighter formula, and players were only just starting to break in its giant robot characters. A moment of silence please, as we watch the last Rising Thunder combo video by pro fighter Dooplis.

But it’s not all sad news and mourning! This cancellation is a result of Radiant Entertainment being acquired by Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends. The Radiant team is already working on a new game for Riot, though little about it has been revealed at this time. Let’s take a look back on Rising Thunder and what it was meant to accomplish in order to speculate on what this new IP might be.

Pokemon Super Rising Thunder

Play Pokemon with a more mature tone and experience a cool story with no gyms, no PokeMarts, no PokeCenters, and even no Pokeballs in Pokemon Super Thunder! Can you live and survive in a ruined Pokemon world?

Pokemon Super Thunder is a fan-made ROM hack based on the original Pokemon Ruby. In this game, the author takes the concept of “Super Thunder” from the manga Pokemon Special, revolving around certain Pokemon channel energy from another, aside from that, the game’s plot has nothing to do with Pokemon Special. In this game, a great and mysterious lord has transformed you into a Pichu, and your mission is to vanquish the evil from the far frozen North for Eden to come back. Good luck!

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