Top 13 Learning Apps in 2021 [UAE Guide]

Top 13 Learning Apps in 2021 [UAE Guide]

Mobile apps are surely taking the digital world and almost every industry by storm. We’ve moved way forward in the era of smartphones and it’s ever-evolving with tech advancement, accommodating to the significant changes and user demands.

Education sector is no exception as smart apps today play a massive role in the way we study, learn and consume information. Given the global pandemic crisis, it seems that the time of traditional pen and paper is gone, taken over by digital-tech, powered by smartphone apps. Contributing highly to the industry are some of the top mobile apps development companies in Dubai as well as developed countries from all over the world.

In academia, smart apps developed specifically for the education industry are reshaping the entire learning experience in terms of delivering quality with the convenience of virtual classrooms and a handful of online platforms plus downloadable apps.

Let’s have a look at some amazing iOS and Android apps to assist you with study and homework.


  1. Spotify

Known commonly for hosting a library of awesome music and entertainment, Spotify also contributes to learning and productivity to ensure you get the most out of it to fulfil your academic resolutions. For a little space on your mobile, Spotify offers fun and learning altogether through its music library as well as podcasts. Download it today and make your lockdown period resourceful.

  1. Photomath

For some, numbers and equations can be overwhelming and feels as if something’s stuck in the throat. But it doesn’t have to be that way as you can always ‘count’ on reinforcements namely, Photomath; a handy smart app helping students in solving even the toughest math problems. The interactive and intuitive design along with amazing features namely instructions from professional, smart calculator, graphing tools and many more offer users the ultimate solution to all the math challenges. Available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Android’s Play Store.

  1. Slader

Ever heard of a teacher right at your fingertips? If not, then Slader is the absolute choice for both students and parents alike as it’s one of the best education apps to exist, providing answers to almost all your curriculum, free-of-charge. From Math to Science and everything else in between, Slader covers all subjects and acts as a real-time digital teacher for you.

  1. Brainly

Developed specifically for the students, by the students being a remarkable addition in the world of smart education apps, Brainly is your 24/7 homework assistant. The app gets you connected with more than 300-million teachers and students, letting you ask questions for quick and accurate answers from the experts. With Brainly, tap into the intellect of a million experts worldwide! Want an answer for Math, Science, Physics, History, Economics or any other subject, let Brainly be the expert.

  1. Instructables

The joy of learning something new, creative and useful every day is unmatched, especially when it’s done through real-life examples and tangible things. If you seek an ultimate learning app that lets you create things from all the practical stuff, there’s Instructablesthat hosts fun learning activities and professional guides on cooking, technology, arts-and-crafts, housekeeping and much more. In fact, you can even learn to create some cool assets, tools and items used in digital games with a handful of neat life hacks.

  1. Brainscape

Talk about an all-inclusive study companion that teaches through visual cues; Brainscapeis one of the best online flashcard app that lets you design better flashcards, enable device synching, option to share or secure the cards, study efficiently, monitor accuracy and performance metrics every time. Visual cues enhance the entire learning experience while covers almost every industry thus offering versatility and flexibility. The basic version of Brainscape app can be downloaded for free whereas only $5 per month for pro features.

  1. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Synonyms, antonyms, dictionary, vocabulary, spell-check and almost everything that can be expected from English language and literature as a subject, Merriam-Webster Dictionary covers it all being the world’s leading dictionary and thesaurus platform. The app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android OS with built-in voice search feature, quizzes to enhance vocabulary and more that can be expected from the most accurate academic tool.

  1. Mendeley

Making notes and keeping all your digital documents like, PDFs, notepad, word files and other references organised can be daunting but, not if you’ve Mendeley that lets you work across different platforms in a mess-free way. The app also enables access to a handful of resources in its easy-to-navigate and user-friendly library. Available on both Play Store and App Store; read,download, sync, share and annotate all your PDFs for both online-and-offline use with Mendeley.

  1. Office Lens

University projects, lectures and diagrams can be so irritating at times whereas understanding them further heightens the stress level. With Office Lens in your smartphone, all you need is taking a snapshot of the classroom board and let the app crop out everything irrelevant for focus and clarity. The best feature of the app is alignment and editing of the captured image which is then presented in a way as if something tangible is right in front of you. Download Office Lens for free, available on both Android and iOS.

  1. Babylon

Bridging the gap between more than 75 different languages is the ultimate sentences and phrases translation app; Babylon. No matter the language you speak, Babylon can easily translate with above 1500 glossaries. For students moving across borders for the sake of education will find this app quite handy with learning as well as when communicating with the locals.

  1. SimpleMind

The good-old school days when teachers used to teach us different ways to visually memorise stuff, SimpleMind is just that but in a smarter and better way. The app lets you organise the thoughts, remember things, even brainstorm new ideas using emerging neuroscience technology of mind mapping.

Using SimpleMindon your digital device, you can easily create and plot different maps, assign topics in a free layout or perhaps using pre-built layouts wherever you want. The app also supports unlimited page size and number of elements, expand or collapse branches, display borders and do a lot more creative stuff. It’s more than just a plain education app available to download from App Store and Play Store.

  1. EdX

Taking education apps a step forward is EdX that offer courses directly from education institutions rather than teachers and professionals. Although you won’t get a college degree on completing any of the subjects, the details and resources are quite authentic that covers everything from beginner’s grade to advanced level. From computer programming, engineering and history to psychology, statistics, nutrition and countless others, choose from the library of subjects and mode of learning that features on-and-offline video lectures, downloadable resources, hand-outs, tutorials and much more.

  1. Socratic from Google

Socratic lets you take snapshots of many different things and share all the essential details about it using a smart library. Whether yours is a complex math equation, a history lesson, puzzling chemistry formula or anything else, Socratic has just the definite answer for everything. App is free-of-cost with no annoying ads or in-app purchase promotions so you can confidently download it.

Learning doesn’t have to be overwhelming or painful! Let the above smart education and learning apps boost-up your knowledge and proficiency in every way.

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