How Paraphrasing tool helps to avoid plagiarism in your content

How Paraphrasing tool helps to avoid plagiarism in your content

Every writer faces a burnout stage where their creativity evaporates like steam leaving behind clumsy words of no value. That’s the reason they tend to plagiarize content just to get away with the whole writing process.

Content writers and bloggers have to fight dual battles while writing content. On one side, they have to avoid plagiarism and on the other side, they have to keep the quality of their content up to the mark.

However, they can cater to these issues if they use a paraphrasing tool. It’s like killing two birds with a single arrow. Because this tool improves the quality and removes plagiarism.

If you want to understand plagiarism and know the working of paraphrasing tools, then read this article.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism in literal terms means kidnapper. It is derived from a Greek word. Its meanings changed over the years and it is now used to describe a literary theft.

By definition, “it is anact of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person.

Why you should avoid plagiarism in your content?

You should avoid plagiarism because it causes multi-faceted problems. It downgrades your content’s uniqueness, causes Seo problems, and creates a bad impact on readers.

Plagiarizing the content is bad for search engine optimization. You may get copyrights infringement issues. These issues come under strict copyright laws and are treated as offenses.

However, not all content is liable to such treatment. Some texts are prohibited to copy without the author’s consent.

Google does not treat copied content as something different. It combines all copies and chooses only the best-written text.

So, your content may remain unnoticed because of its low quality. That’s why your content cannot rank and is rendered useless.

You may also lose your trusted readership if you start copying someone’s content because your audience may find your content useless.

They might have already read the content somewhere else and leave your website after knowing that you have written the same content.

Once you get de-ranked, you can’t improve your ranking soon. So, it is better to avoid plagiarism if you want to survive the content.

Next, we will discuss paraphrasing and how it can make your content unique.

What is unique content?

If you want to remove plagiarism you have to make your content unique. There isn’t a single definition of uniqueness but I will try to define it anyhow.

Unique content is the one that does not have any copied words in it. It gives new insights to the readers. Moreover, it appears from an out-of-the-box thinking approach.

In the early days of the internet, people would write shallow content and at times plagiarize it. They would rank easily.

Sometimes they would stuff their content with keywords to outsmart Google. But now things have changed with new Google updates such as Rank Brain.

Following are the essentials of unique content:

  • This content is of high quality.
  • It is relevant to the topic.
  • It enhances readers’ experience.
  • It is well-researched.
  • It is easy to read.
  • It is plagiarism-free.
  • It is Seo friendly.

What is paraphrasing and how it helps to remove plagiarism?

Paraphrasing is a technique used to remove plagiarism from content by changing its words and sentences. Paraphrasing can be done in two ways.

Either you can use any paraphraser to rephrase your text automatically or you can rewrite the text manually.

Rewriting the text by hand:

By hand, paraphrasing is a good technique but it needs exceptional skills such as a good grip on the thesaurus, sound grammar, and sentence structuring.

Moreover, you should have excellent analysis skills to analyze your text.

You can remove paraphrasing on your own by following these steps:

  • Read the text till you understand all of it.
  • Underline the key concepts sentences.
  • Search for synonyms.
  • Combine the keywords in different phrases.
  • Substitute active/passive voice transformations.
  • Use different clauses and figures of speech.
  • Review your text several times.

How online tool removes similar content?

An online paraphrasing tool is an AI-based program that understands your text and rephrases it with a single click.

Rephrasing becomes very easy with this tool. You no longer need to spend much time understanding your text and changing its sentences. Moreover, it helps you complete your work in seconds.

Working of a paraphraser:

Its machine learning algorithms first understand your text and fetches the right keywords. Moreover, it differentiates your words based on semantics. The more meaningful words affecting the main ideas of your text are compared with their synonyms.

It then replaces the words with their synonyms and checks the grammar and spelling mistakes. Then a rephrased article is provided to the user.

This is how a common paraphrasing tool rewrites your content.

Other benefits of using this tool:

It is a time-saving tool as it can rewrite a pile of texts within seconds without any issue. Because sometimes content writers need to write a bulk of text and are worried about deadlines.

They can use these tools to meet deadlines.

Paraphrasing tools can create unique content that can rank on Google’s top pages.

Moreover, after rewriting you may add some additional facts to further increase the content’s worth.


There are billions of web pages on the internet and each webpage contains a lot of content. This content is often repeated and copied. Almost one-third of this content is plagiarized.

More and more people are becoming bloggers so it becomes highly competitive to create plagiarism-free content that helps in ranking.

Therefore, writers always try hard to get past the uniqueness score. While sailing through tough times, a content writer gets stuck due to writer’s block.

They may find it difficult to create plagiarism-free content. In that case, they can use the paraphrasing technique.

But this technique requires hands-on language skills. Moreover, manual paraphrasing is time-consuming. Therefore, you should adopt paraphrasing tools.

Nowadays, they come with AI integration which takes care of all your rewording work.

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