How to be an influencer on Instagram?

How to be an influencer on Instagram?

It is important for an influencer to wonder how to get lots of followers on Instagram quickly. Starting from scratch can be tricky but by following this guide you will be able to achieve immediate results.

This is because real people are the only Instagram followers most valuable, the ones who care and interact with your profile. A fake follower count might boost your ego, but it won’t help you get lots of free Instagram followers.

With this constantly updated guide you will be able to have many followers on Instagram for free, follow the steps that follow and optimize your profile and your posts and you can also have more than 200 followers a day.

Publish posts, reels and stories often

As with other social platforms, the constant publication of content on Instagram is equally important. Using every possible opportunity to post something interesting on your profile is necessary to get more followers.

Publishing content allows Instagram to:

Recognize yours is a profile as active,

It will allow him to put you in a content category and recommend you more easily based on the things you post

The more content you publish, the greater the possibility of reaching your audience and therefore having more followers on Instagram .

It is very important, however, not to forget that you will not have to post without any sense, the days when it was enough to take a photo of a nice plate of pasta are over, now the struggle for the user’s attention is more and more difficult and make sure that someone following you based on the content you post is complicated. If you want to buy Instagram followers, that is still ok.

Here I leave you some guidelines to keep in mind when you want to post something:

Keep in mind who you are posting for. Focusing on the users you want to reach is the key to having many followers on Instagram , always think before posting something “what I’m publishing is what the user I want to follow me would like to see?”

Your content must be in line with your profile, your image and your “tone of voice”, before posting make sure that what you are posting is something that interests your audience, do not post random things.

Eg If you are a profile that focuses its content on fashion do not make a random review on the pizza you ate at the bar downstairs, your users or users you want to attract will not be interested in those types of content .

Take a cue from those who make similar content

If you are an influencer or a brand and are starting from scratch it is essential that you take a look at what profiles carrying the same types of content are doing . If you are a profile focused on fashion, food, travel, take advantage of other profiles with Instagram followers freethan yours to find out what that type of audience likes.

What to watch when looking at a profile similar to yours:

When and at what time they publish posts, stories or reels

Observe and mark which hashtags they insert in their content by comparing them with other posts

Keep an eye on which posts get the most likes based on their followers (a good post gets at least 10% likes based on followers – e.g. 1000 Followers, at least 100 Likes -)

Once you have observed all these things you have to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to copy them, so much in a winning Instagram strategy is due to experimentation: experiment, experiment and experiment .

What works for others won’t necessarily work for your profile.

And also copying a profile will not give you the right push, a big factor to keep in mind to get many followers on Instagram is that of originality . But wait, I’m not talking about reinventing hot water, I’m referring to the fact that the users who follow you are not just a number, they are people and like people they become attached to a profile, a personality, a way of seeing things. Don’t hold back from being yourself in the content you post , people will empathize with you and if they follow you you will have found one of what I call “REAL FOLLOWERS”.

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